6 Most Common Cases when Data Recovery Is Highly Required

Some users are perplexed about when it’s essential to call in data recovery for their computers. Therefore, in this article, we will uncover the 6 most common situations in detail.

Nowadays, since data loss can take place now and then, data recovery is required frequently. However, many newbies don’t know when they need data recovery. So, they miss the best time for recovery and lose their data permanently. Now, in the followings, we will show the 6 top cases when data recovery is highly demanded.

6 Most Common Cases when Data Recovery Is Highly Required

1. Blue Screen

Above all, if your computer experiences the blue screen of death, it’s high time for you to consider data recovery. This problem may indicate that something bad has occurred to either computer system or internal disk. Either malfunctioning could lead to data loss. Thus, generally speaking, when confronting blue screen, you can firstly try a restart. If it failed, you have to call in data recovery service at once.

2. Corrupted Data

In addition, many users have been ever subjected to unexpected data corruption. For instance, you start Outlook application as normal. But, an error message pops up, which mentions that the PST file is inaccessible. It refers to PST corruption. In this case, you definitely require data recovery, namely PST recovery. Likewise, if you find that Excel workbooks, Word documents or other files are corrupt, you’d better resort to related data recovery software as quickly as possible.

3. Missing Files/Folders

Aside from file corruption, at times, you may discover that some files or folders are gone for unknown reasons. This can be caused by many factors, such as user errors, system failures, virus infection and so on. For example, your computer is attacked by viruses. Thereby, some files may be infected. Then, antivirus software deletes them by accident. At such a point, you really need data recovery.

4. Bad Sectors

If your hard drive has multiple bad sectors, on which the files are inaccessible, it is time to think about drive repair right away. Bad sectors can be divided into two kinds: soft and hard bad sectors. The soft ones can be easily fixed by software. In contrast, hard ones actually mean physical damages, which can directly result in drive damage and permanent data loss. Hence, don’t wait any longer! Look for a drive recovery service at once!

5. CHKDSK Malfunctions

As we all know, CHKDSK is powerful enough to check disk for errors. However, it can malfunction now and then. For example, if CHKDSK tends to get stuck from time to time or it works automatically on PC startup, it may suggest that your PC disk is failing. To prevent data loss, you had better call in data recovery service as well.

6. Strange Sounds

Last but not least, assuming that you are hearing some odd noises from your PC, you should first identify whether they come from the internal drive. If so, it’s time to repair or replace the drive in that they suggest that the disk has been damaged physically.

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