6 Main Reasons for Excel Files Corruption (Part I)

When we need to deal with massive data, the first tool we can think of is Excel. Developed by Microsoft, it has become more and more convenient with new functions being added. And now in most of the companies, people will rely on Excel to do their works.

Excel has many different features, such as formulas, charts, data analysis and so on. With so many diverse capabilities, many people use it to solve problems in their work. Therefore, much important information relating with people’s tasks will be saved in Excel files.Microsoft Excel

However, after Excel files are saved in the computer, sometimes those files will inevitably get corrupted due to many different reasons. Thus the information contained in those files becomes inaccessible to people. And here are 6 most frequently encountered reasons that will cause the corruption of Excel files:

1. A Sudden Power Failure or a Sudden Damage of Power Equipment

Sometimes, a sudden power failure is unavoidable due to various reasons. If one person uses desktop computer with no uninterruptible power supply(UPS), a sudden power failure will shut down the computer instantly. And if the person is working with Excel, the Excel file is also closed right away without being saved. Thus, when the computer restarts, the Excel file may not be accessible or the information in the file all disappears. If a person meets with a sudden damage of power equipment, his computer may be damaged and the files in the computer could also be corrupted. So the problems with power system will possibly cause damages to Excel files.

2. Mistakes in Dealing with Excel Files

No one is perfect. When people do some works on the computer, sometimes they will make mistakes, and those mistakes will lead to Excel file corruptions. For example, a person deletes an Excel file as he originally thought that this file would never be used again. But actually this file contains important information. Another example is that the file is closed without being saved, which causes the loss of data. Moreover, when the file is in a removable device and the device is removed from the computer before it is saved, it may also get corrupted and couldn’t be opened in most cases. All those misuses will do harm to Excel files.

3. Some Defects in the Excel Application

Although the Excel application is of great usage and it can handle many issues, there still exist some problems in the Excel itself. In some cases, the Excel application will give no response to the instruction, and people need to turn off the procedure and restart the application. In this process, some information will be lost, which will surely bring inconvenience to people. Another problem of Excel lies in its several versions. There are quite a few new attributes in newer versions and the Excel files created by those newer versions cannot be opened or edited in former versions. If a person wants to edit such a file by an older version, many features created by newer versions cannot be revised by older versions. And the unequal functionalities of the several versions will sometimes damage the original file.

The above are the three common reasons that may do harm to Excel files. For more information about the reasons and how to perform an Excel recovery, please refer to part II of this series.

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