6 Main Reasons for Excel Files Corruption (Part II)

In this part, other three reasons of Excel file corruption are listed. And an effective way to recover corrupt Excel file is also mentioned.

In part I, it introduces the three kinds of reasons that may corrupt the Excel files. And here are the other three reasons.

4. Hardware Failure

Hardware failure is another reason that will make the Excel files not available to users. In addition to computer, hardware also includes USB flash disk, removable hard disk, CD/DVD and so on. There are many kinds of hardware failures according to the types of devices. Some problems such as the burnt-down circuit board, damaged head assembly and problems with connectors can be repaired and the Excel files can be easily recovery. Whereas once those storage media break down seriously, the Excel files stored in them can hardly survive. The recovery of Excel files would be much more difficult, and some files even couldn’t be recovered. So the results bring by the hardware failure can be extremely problematic.

5. The Attack of Hacker or Computer Virus

Computers will more or less be attacked by hackers or get infected by virus. Being attacked by hackers, the Excel files will be damaged and all the information will disappear. The circumstances could be much more dangerous when the essential data stored in those documents is stole by those hackers and be sold to business competitors. If the Excel files get infected with the virus, the files could not be opened and even part of the information will be damaged. To prevent the computer from being affected by hackers or computer viruses, people should install antivirus software and keep a better habit of using computer.Excel Corruption

6. Other Accidents

In addition to the above several reasons, some other accidents will also result in the damage of Excel files. Natural disasters, which include earthquake, tsunami, flood and other disasters, can cause irreparable consequences. Furthermore, theft and fraud may also occur and data will get lost owning to those accidents. All those unavoidable accidents urge people to pay more attention to the safety of Excel files and prepare for the hidden dangers.

Solution to Excel File Corruption

Once the information gets lost due to any of the reasons, people should try to retrieve the data as soon as they can in order to avoid more serious consequence. When suffering from those troubles, people can also use a third-party tool such as DataNumen Excel Repair to recover data. This tool is specially designed to recover Excel. The damaged Excel files can be recovered by this tool and the lost information can be retrieved to the maximum extent.

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