6 Best Backup Storage Solutions for Business Data

Data loss is quite catastrophic for businesses. Thus, businesses should make great efforts in effective data backups. Now, this article will share 6 best backup storage solutions for business data.

6 Backup Storage Solutions for Business Data

With no doubt, in comparison to individuals, businesses will suffer much greater loss in case of data loss. Generally, common computer users will just encounter file corruption like damaged Outlook data files, which actually can be recovered most of time. However, in contrast, data losses in businesses are usually serious database corruption, data breach and entire server crashes. All of these can put a business into dangers.

Therefore, it is vitally important for all businesses to have good and effective data backups. Unlike individuals who can just select an external hard drive for backup, business should spend lots of time and energy in building a good backup strategy. Now, we’ll give your business a hand. Thereinafter, we will introduce 6 best data backup solutions for businesses. Your business can choose any as per your needs.

1. Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are hard drives connected to a network. Such a NAS system has many merits. For instance, you can add more hard drives to this system for additional storage capacity. It also can provide users with data redundancy, like RAID. What’s more, it can perform automatic data backups. Plus, it allows users to share data through network at will. It can sync data to a remote NAS system as well. Therefore, it is quite convenient.

2. Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage device is connected physically to the computer, which is using this device, through USB ports. It insures that the data is nearby and within your reach. Although such device isn’t convenient for backing up data to multiple locations, it can offer the highest speeds even when dealing with a great amount of data. Also, it is cheaper and simpler for installation and operation.

3. Disaster Protected Storage

It is always advisable for businesses to make disaster recovery plans in advance. The Disaster Protected Storage systems are the specialized storage devices which can withstand disasters. It usually exists in the form of Network Attached Storage or Direct Attached Storage. In addition, it’s mostly made out of durable materials. Therefore, it has many features to protect the physical data storage devices from disasters, such as fire-proofing, water-proofing and so on.

4. Third Party Cloud Service

To be honest, cloud storage is also one of the most widely used backup solutions for businesses. There are lots of cloud services available nowadays. It allows your business to store your data online, such that you can block data loss which occurs from onsite and local disasters. Moreover, it can save a great number of electricity and maintenance costs.

5. Private Cloud

Similar to using cloud service, if your business could generate your own private cloud, it could not be better. With private cloud, you can avoid data security issue in the event of using third party cloud service. Besides, you can configure it as per your needs without recurring to cloud service provider.

5. Offline Media

Although all solutions mentioned above are advanced, they still cannot entirely replace the traditional offline data storage media, such as hard disk drives, tapes, or optical disks. For instance, though DVD seems out-of-date, it is still very useful in keeping backups safe. Of course, nowadays, drives have been developed a lot and much more diversified in types, such as hard disk drive, solid state drive, USB flash drive and hybrid hard drive. Thus, businesses still can use such offline media to back up data as well.

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