5 Top Mistakes in Hard Drive Data Recovery

When hard drive crashes, you will become panic and hope to attempt data recovery by yourself. However, during this process, you may make the following 5 mistakes that can destroy all your data.

If you find your critical files get corrupted, they can recover these files with ease, such as restoring from backups or employing repair tool. For example, if PST files are broken, you can recur to a specialized PST repair tool. In contrast, hard drive corruptions will be much more knotty. If you still wish to attempt a recovery by yourself, you may turn to Internet for some “Do-it-yourself” recovery tricks. But sometimes they just introduce the do’s and ignore the don’ts, which may lead to more serious problems. Here are the 5 top mistakes in hard drive data recovery.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

1. Knock the Hard Drive Violently

For some impatient users, when finding that computers or other devices function improperly, they will be out of patience and even go mad. Their typical reaction is to bang, hit or knock the devices. Actually, no matter what results in malfunctions, this type of violent actions will pose severer damage to the hard drives. Thus, it is wise to calm down when we encounter this kind of troubles. Only if we keep mind quiet, can we come up with effective methods to fix hard drive failures and get back data.

2. Open the Hard Drive in a Non-clean Room

Unlike impatient users, those curious users prefer to do some “Do-it-yourself” studies. Hence, when realizing that they are indeed suffering hard drive failures, they will tend to open the hard drive and check it. On the surface, perhaps you think, opening up a hard drive is considerably simple. In reality, it demands experience, special or customized tools as well as a room in proper air pressure. Therefore, you should never open a hard drive by yourself – especially if without a clean room. All the visible or invisible dusts around the space will destroy the drive and then ruin the odds of successful data recovery.

3. Format the Hard Drive at First

Virtually when the hard drive fails, your computer may prompt you to format the hard drive to fix it. Nevertheless, before taking actions, you should think about your valuable data on the drive. Did you forget them? Formatting the drive will initiate the recovery system and then overwrite your data. That is to say, you will never be able to get back data. If you attach more importance to data instead of a drive, you ought to treat “format drive” as the last resort rather than the first action,

4. Trust in “Do-it-yourself” Software Too Readily

You may be accustomed to searching references on Internet when encountering hard drive failures. But as you see, most of them are promoting “Do-it-yourself” recovery software. They may promise that they have the absolute capacity to recover both your drive and your data. It is rather stupid if you trust in one of them too readily. You should pick out the most experienced, top-of-the-line and cost-effective one prudently. Otherwise, you will pay for your credulity in the end.

5. Resort to Non-professional Persons

Similar to choosing practiced DIY software, you should ask professionals for help, not those amateurs. Even though the amateurs include your friends or colleagues, you should just ignore their boasts and had better consult with a specialist. Only they can detect the key problem and give you the best suggestions.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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