5 Tips for Creating an Effective Hotel Booking System in MS Access

In this article we offer 5 crucial tips to people looking to use MS Access for hotel booking system or Bread and Breakfast establishments. We cover aspects like Room listings, Client Bookings, Room types etc.

When it comes to hotels and Bread and Breakfast establishments (B&B), the requirement for a database tool is an absolute need rather than a fancy wish. It even holds true for small hotels with 10 Beds or typical B&B dwellings.  As opposed to established hotels, the smaller ones are always at disadvantage when it comes to overall IT setup in general and databases in particular. Without a database in place, proper Customer relationship management efforts play out poorly and so do other business aspects like booking and room service.  However with MS Access any small hotel or B&B can look forward to creating a database driven line of business application without spending a fortune. Here are 5 handy tips that would help you start creating a Hotel Booking System in MS Access with ease.5 Tips For Creating An Effective Hotel Booking System In MS Access

Tip 1: Start with the Basic Features – Room Booking and Room Types

Hotel Booking System In MS AccessAt the onset you should start with the basic features, especially if you are not too familiar with MS Access. Use the standard Access features to create appropriate tables for Room types and booking. Then create input forms to facilitate bookings. Once you have placed a functional booking system, you may look to incorporate more advanced ones.

Tip 2: Create features for generating Bills and Reports.

The application you create should be able generate bills and dish out relevant reports for all stakeholders to go through the business developments

Tip 3: Ensure Tax calculations are correctly incorporated

If you are planning to use Access for business, do ensure proper tax calculations are in place. This would allow you to generate invoices directly out of the Access application

Tip 4: Consider adding a web interface feature, if the same is available in your version of Microsoft Server

Depending on the version of MS Access you are using a different approach to allow web access would apply. If you are using the latest version of Access, try using Microsoft Power Apps.

Tip 5: Consider using existing available templates related to Hotel Booking and customize the same for your establishment

When you are going to utilize MS Access for creating a Hotel Booking System, it is better to start with freely available templates on the web. While they may not give you every feature, you can with time customize it to your needs. Moreover it would likely save you countless hours which you would need creating one from scratch.

While Access is fabulous as a database management system for small businesses; it has an Achilles heel. Essentially Access is susceptible to data errors and has a propensity to crash. Now if you are planning to run a hotel management or booking system in Access, the last thing you would want is to lose all the stored data.  So invest in a powerful Access fix tool like DataNumen Access Repair and keep your data safe.

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