5 Things You Must Beware of when Converting External Hard Drive into Internal One

If you intend to convert your external hard drive into an internal one, you have to pay special attention to some things to avoid unexpected damages or faults. In this article, we will list out 5 of them and introduce them in detail.

For example, the internal hard drive has reached its lifespan or has been corrupt. Thereby, you want to replace it with another drive. Fortunately, it just so happens that you have a fine external hard drive nearby. In this scenario, you must want to directly install the external drive to your computer as an internal one.

5 Things You Must Beware of when Converting External Hard Drive into Internal One

Of course, you would wonder if it is possible. In honesty, it is OK in most cases. Nevertheless, you have to watch out for some vital caveats in this process. Or else, damage can happen to the external hard drive, further leading to data corruption, such as corrupt Outlook. Here are 5 things you must beware of.

1. Manufacturer’s Warranty

Generally, an external hard drive comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. If the drive gets damaged in the specific period, manufacturer have the responsibility to repair it or even replace it with a new one for you. Yet, if you convert it into an internal one, it would invalidate the warranty. Manufacturer isn’t in charge of the drive any longer.

2. Ensure Interface Compatibility

Commonly, hard drive has two types of interfaces – SATA and IDE. Therefore, in prior to removing the internal hard drive, you should check the interface of both your computer and the external drive. In other words, you have to insure they are compatible in terms of interface in advance.

3. Safe Remove Internal Drive

If you have confirmed the interface compatibility, you can proceed to remove the original internal drive from the computer. Like removing common external drive, you should make use of ‘Safe to Remove Hardware” option. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your computer performance.

4. Keep Computer without Power

Moreover, after removal of original hard drive, you have to turn off the computer. It is a great mistake to keep computer with power when you mount the external disk into PC. Not only will it damage the external drive, but also the computer can be subject to more serious issues.

5. Be Careful & Gentle

Last but not least, in the entire course, you should handle your hard drives with care. Never throw, drop or shake them violently. It is well-known that hard drive is very sensitive due to its mechanical components. Once drive heads get corrupt, the drive will fail definitely.

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