5 Simple Methods to Fix MS Access Database Errors

MS Access database errors are common and may slow down work. This post lists various methods to help repair corrupt database files. Read on to learn what you can do if these problems manifest.

5 Simple Methods to Fix MS Access Database Errors

Whenever there is an issue with the format of a database file, it gets damaged and becomes inaccessible. The MS Access application simplifies the storage of data, and that is why it is commonly used in many organizations. Standard formats are MDB and ACCDB. Several factors can corrupt the access database files. Here are a few possible reasons.

  • Insufficient database design
  • Overuse of the application by multiple users
  • Hardware failures
  • Software issues
  • Incorrectly closing down the program
  • Abrupt shutdown of the computer
  • Malware attack

How To Repair Damaged MS Access database

1. Recover from the Previous Backup

If you are one of those people that always has a plan B and backup data, you’ll have nothing to worry about when database corruption occurs. To recover the data, you’ll have to delete content in the backup file, including tables. Then import tables from the damaged file. Access has the ‘Import Wizard’ feature that allows you to import the entire data table file.

2. Use the Compact and Repair Database

Compact and Repair is an inbuilt utility feature designed to fix corruption, errors, or inaccessible databases. It also helps reduce its size, preventing further damage. It’s advisable to first backup your database file before using this utility feature. If the scenario worsens, at least, you’ll still have the database file to try another way. Open MS Access file>Database Tools> Compact and Repair Database Utility. A dialogue box will pop up, ‘Database to Compact from.’ Select the database file and click Compact. Enter the name of the new database file in the ‘Compact Database Into’ dialogue box and click Save.

3. Use the Microsoft Jet Compact Utility

It is the perfect tool for solving any MS Access minor issues. Jetcomp.exe utility is available in all MS Access applications and can be used to repair corrupt database files.

4. Create a New MS Access Database and Import the Corrupt Files

Please create a new MS Access database file, click on it, and select the external data tab. To import the data, click Access. A new window will open and will have the words, ‘Getting External Data – Access Database.’ Click “Browse‘ to select your corrupted file and click OK after opening it, to import it. All files that you choose will be imported successfully. Before you close the window, click on the save import steps box.

5. Use Repair Software

The steps mentioned above should be able to help you recover your corrupt MS Access database files. If the problem persists and you notice that some of your files are still missing, you should consider using automatic repair tools.

A highly recommended tool designed to recover corrupt database files effectively is the DataNumen Access Repair tool. It is free to download; hence you can familiarize yourself with how it works. This is the perfect software for professional use as it can help recover as much data as possible, including the partially damaged files. It’s easy to use and will store all details of the database, including tables and forms on the hard disk.

DataNumen Access Repair

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