5 Outlook Tricks to Help You Save Time

In this article, I will introduce top 5 Outlook tricks, which can help you to save time, thereby improving work efficiency.

Nowadays, a majority of persons must have their own emails, regardless of Gmail, or others. Thus it is essential to select a remarkable email client. It is known that Outlook has been touted as the most popular client. It permits us to manage messages, create tasks and control contacts.

However, even though you’ve used this application for a long time, you can’t boast that you have mastered all of its functions. Here are the top 5 time-saving tricks that can assist us to raise efficiency.

1. Make Full use of Import and Export Wizard

If you have numerous contacts to be imported to Outlook Contacts, you can directly utilize its inner import and export tool. Some people may still tend to enter all data manually one by one, which is unquestionably a stupid method. Provided that contacts are stored in excel file, you can assuredly import them via Import and Export Wizard. You can simply access it in “File” menu.Import and Export Wizard in Outlook

2. Create New Items without Opening Outlook

Though you haven’t opened Outlook, you can create new items as well. Firstly, you should pin Outlook program to the taskbar. Then right click it, and you can select assorted items, including emails, meetings, appointments, tasks and contacts. After click any one, you will see a corresponding window shows up.Create new items without open Outlook

3. Customize a Signature

In order to insert your personal information rapidly, you are better off creating a custom signature. You can go to “File” menu and open “Outlook Options”, in which you should locate “signature” button under “Mail” tab. In the new window of “Signatures and stationery”, you can customize a signature as per your will.create signature

4. Add a Reminder for Recipients

So as to spend too much time waiting for recipients’ replies, you had better add a reminder for recipients. You can find “Follow Up” button in “New Message” window. After clicking it, you need to select “Add Reminder”. Then you can set the reminder based on your desire.Add a Reminder for Recipients

5. Initiate Polls in Outlook

If required to collect suggestions from all recipients, you should employ Voting button, which can be found under “Options” tab in “New Message” window. Not only can you apply its default buttons, but also you are allowed to customize the voting buttons.Using Voting Buttons

What to Do In the Event of Outlook Crashes

Despite with a host of remarkable abilities, Outlook is vulnerable to corruptions. Hence given frequent errors, you should make a regular backup. Besides, when confronted with unexpected  crashes, you have no better choices but to resort to a robust repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It can recover Outlook files in a jiffy.

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