5 Cases where Hard Drive Data Recovery May Be Impossible

Even though you spill liquids on your hard drive accidently, you still can resort to data recovery experts to get back your drive data. However, there are some cases in which your data may be unrecoverable. This article will list out 5 of them.

As a kind of data storage device, hard drives have to be protected carefully. But, in reality, it is inevitable that various accidents can happen to the drive at times. For instance, you place a cup filled with water closely to a drive. And later you knock down the cup by accident, leading to water to spill on the drive. In this situation, actually you still can recur to recovery specialists to repair the drive and get back data, like retrieving corrupt Outlook data. But, in some cases, professionals may also feel helpless. In other words, data recovery is impossible. Here we will unveil 5 such cases to you.

5 Cases where Hard Drive Data Recovery May Be Impossible

1. Hard Drive Melts Due to Fire or Overheats

When your hard drive catches fires or suffer excessive and abnormal overheats, it melts. In this scenario, all hard drive components tend to get destroyed totally. Also, the demagnetization will occur to the drive. Thus, your data will give you a permanent farewell definitely.

2. Hard Drive Suffers Excessive Vibration

Excessive vibration here doesn’t refer to simple knock by hand. Instead, it means the excessive force onto the drive, such as hitting the drive with a hammer. This kind of excessive vibration, as serious shake and tremble, can lead to very severe damage to hard drive. For example, the drive head will crash permanently, and then magnetic information will be impossible to read, let alone to access your drive data.

3. Hard Drive Is Attacked by Serious Lightning Bolts

Aside from the mechanical parts, hard disk drive also contains many electronic components that are considerably vulnerable to power failures, no matter power outages or surges. Hence, when your hard drive suffers serious lightning bolts, which usually cause up to one billion volts of electricity, the drive electronics will fail, so unable to command the drive to function. Plus, the chips of electronics will tend to get corrupt forever. Any data recovery attempts in this case may be to no avail.

4. Data Has Been Deleted Several Months Ago

Apart from grievous physical damage on hard drive, data can be unrecoverable when drive suffers logical issues, such as overwrites. Generally speaking, there is an unlikely chance that you can recover the data which has been deleted several months ago. It is because that you must have done many operations on the hard drive in these months. All constant reads and writes will overwrite the data.

5. Data Has Been Erased Professionally & Thoroughly

There are many professional tools for erasing data. If you run such tools on the hard drive to wipe the data completely, data recovery is usually impossible. Therefore, every time before you erase your hard drive, you have to consider carefully and had better make a full backup for the drive data.

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