4 Vital Things You Must Consider Before Backup

It is well-known that regular data backup is pretty significant in data protection. Yet, there are many users who still don’t know how to get started with making data backups. So, this post will reveal 4 essential things to be considered before backup.

In the event of painful data corruption or data loss, such as PST corruption, users will make great efforts to attempt data restoration via some software. Whereas, it will be much easier if you have an up-to-date effective data backup. Hence, in this case, many users will regret not making consistent and updated data backups.

Fortunately, more and more users have realized the importance of data backups. Nevertheless, a few users are still hesitating in that they cannot figure out what is a valid data backup and how to make such one. Now, here we will introduce you 4 important things involving how to make efficacious data backups. You’ve to make clear them before starting data backups.

4 Vital Things You Must Consider Before Backup

1. Data Backup Methods

First of all, you need to ensure the data backup methods. Generally, there are two primary methods of backup. They are file-based backup and image-based backup respectively. The former one refers to just copying data from the original device to the backup device. In contrast, the latter one is more complicated in that it will clone the whole data storage device to the backup medium. You can select either as per your own case.

2. Data Backup Types

In addition, you ought to make clear the backup types to be used. Perhaps you’ve known that there are 3 common types of backup, namely full, incremental and differential backup. The first one will make a complete copy of the whole system and all data. The latter two are different from the first one. As for details, you can refer to the article “Full vs Incremental vs Differential Backup: Which One Is Best for You?” After reading that post, it is supposed that you will make a decision for your own data backup.

3. Data to Be Backed up

Undoubtedly, one of the key factors in data backup is the data. For example, on a computer, data usually include system files, registry files, application setting files, databases and regular data and so on. Hence, you should figure out what kind of data you want to back up, whether including the system files or not, and so on. In this scenario, if you select using a data backup tool, you should insure the tool is able to back up the data.

4. Backup Storage Media

Moreover, storage media for backed up data is also an extremely important factor. It means where you intend to store the backups. In the contemporary, there are multiple kinds of data storage media, such as hard disk drive, solid state drive, and USB flash drive, memory card, CD, tape and even the cloud. Thus, you should select one among them in advance.

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