4 Useful Ways to Fix Outlook Error 0x8000ffff

Occasionally while attempting to add a PST file in Outlook you may encounter the Outlook Error 0x8000ffff. In this article, we offer you 4 effective and useful ways to rectify the issue.

4 Useful Ways to Fix Outlook Error 0x8000ffff

The MS Outlook application has been the cornerstone of business communication for numerous companies for over two decades. Its rich feature set, continuous up-gradation, and overall ease of use have helped it retain its position as the preeminent desktop-based mail client in the world. That said, this exceptional piece of software does have some flaws like inexplicable errors showing up without any good cause. The Outlook error 0x8000ffff falls in this category. Apart from the fact that it disproportionally affects users of Outlook edition 2016, there is hardly any concrete reason why this error shows up. However, it is possible to resolve the issue and we have listed below 4 useful ways to do so in quick time.

Outlook Error 0x8000ffff

#1. Repair the Underlying PST File with a Professional Software

Given the fact that the Outlook error 0x8000ffff typically shows up when one attempts to add up a PST file into the application, there is a strong possibility that the data file itself is corrupt. To resolve the issue you should consider repairing the PST file using a class-leading recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair.

Irrespective of the size of the PST file, this powerful tool can effortlessly transfer all the contents from the compromised file into a new output PST file. Once the recovery process is complete try adding the new file. The application can also be used to split up large PST files into smaller parts. You can then try adding the smaller files to the Outlook application.

It is important to note that if you are experiencing the issue in any Outlook edition, with the exception of the 2016 iteration, recovering the PST file should be the first option you should try.  

DataNumen Outlook Repair

#2. Try Adding the PST file Through Account Settings in Outlook

Most users experience this issue when they try to add a PST file to Outlook by using Mail Setup option in Windows Control Panel. However, it is possible to simply add the PST from within the Outlook application too. To do so, perform the steps listed below

  • Launch the MS Outlook application and head to the File tab
  • Under the Info tab screen, head to Account Settings, and click on Account Settings from the drop-down options
  • In the Account Settings screen, head to the Data tab, and then click on Add
  • Choose the PST data file you wish to add and then hit OK. The file would get added and you can then close the screen.
Add PST File in Outlook

#3. Build a New Outlook Profile

In some cases, the Outlook error 0x8000ffff can occur if the Outlook profile that your mail account is connected with gets corrupted. To tackle this possibility, create a new Outlook profile and then add your existing mail account to it. Once this is done, try adding PST files in a normal fashion.

Create a new Outlook profile

#4. Consider Running the System Restore Feature

While the steps mentioned above should work in most cases, there may be an odd scenario that the issue still persists. In such a case, your best bet would be to use the System Restore feature to bring back the system’s state to any previous date, when the Outlook application was working without any issues.

Windows System Restore

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