4 Typical Issues One may Experience while Using Templates in MS Access

In this article we look at several issues one might experience while working with templates in Ms Access.

Typical Issues That You May Experience While Using Templates In Ms AccessMS Access provides its users with multiple database template options to choose from. The effectiveness and accuracy of all templates depends on multiple reasons. If you find the kind of template you are looking for, and it matches your use and needs, you will save on a lot of time. And if you come across a template with low professionalism, lack of accuracy and outdated processes, you will lose on a lot of precious time. You need to carefully make a choice of the templates you use for creating Access databases, or you might have to face the following problems.

  1. Templates In MS AccessLow Professionalism – The variety of database templates provided in Access is huge. You will not only get access to templates created by professionals, but also to those created by users. Those created by professionals will be high on professionalism, whereas the ones created by users will understandably have a low level of professionalism. This will be evident by the quality of organization and overall design layout. They might also be low on depth and complexity, as compared to the ones by professionals.
  2. Customization Inefficiencies – There is a lot of scope for customization in the templates, the user can change tables, macros, forms, queries, etc. But there is a possibility that one might lose reference to source material. You can check object dependencies to know more about what all objects depend on each other.
  3. Usability Issues – Usability is decided by how close is the database design to your needs. The more a template fulfills your needs, the higher is its usability, the lesser it fulfills your needs, the lower the usability. It does not matter whether it is high on professionalism or not, what matters is, if it can provide the user with the desired forms, queries, tables, etc. Although you can make changes to the template you select, for making a databases, it might end up being a lot more time consuming than creating a database without a template.
  4. Currency Problems – You might be using a not so recent edition of MS Access, but you can always download the latest templates. Although new templates are compatible with old Access edition, and vice – versa, you will see a latest template in an old edition lacks currency. Using an old template in a new edition will also have the same problem. If you use a new template in a latest edition, you will be able to make use of a lot of new and advanced features for your templates.


Templates in Access can be of great use for creating Access databases, if you come across the correct template, it can not only save you a lot of time, but also provide you with all the necessary features. But all this will be possible only if you wisely select the template you want to work with, selecting an incorrect template will do you more harm than good. Also in case you like to download templates from the internet, keep an Access mdb recovery or accdb recovery utility handy before you run such templates.

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