4 Tricks to Deal with Common Hard Drive Issues

Relevant surveys have indicated that the majority of data loss results from hard drive failures. Actually most hard drive issues can be solved easily. This article will guide you to apply the following 4 methods to fix common problems.

As we all know, all of our data on PC are stored in the hard drives. So in effort to keep data intact, we should maintain our hard drives. However, in reality, various hard drive issues may occur from time to time. It is essential to resolve these issues in time. Here are 4 effective means.Deal with Common Hard Drive Issues

1. Back up Your Data on the Hard Drive

Beyond all questions, it is always a good idea to back up your data, regardless of whether you’ve encountered hard drive failures or not. For example, you need to back up your Outlook data regularly for successful Outlook recovery in the event of future Outlook corruption. Also, you had better keep several backup solutions in place. And it would be better to get hold of an automatic backup option. As for more information about choosing the appropriate backup solutions, you can refer to our previous article – “What’s the Best Backup Options for Your Data”.

2. Scan the Hard Drive for Errors

If your PC is running in Windows operating system, the handiest approach to know what’s going wrong with your hard drive and fix its internal issues is to check the drive for errors by the built-in scandisk tool. Firstly, open “Computer” in “Start Menu”. Then right click on the drive which you wish to scan, and choose “Properties”. After switching to “Tools” tab in the new dialog box, you can click on the “Check Now” button. If it is not a system drive, the checking process will start immediately. This tool will fix all the errors that they are able to repair.

3. Install a New Hard Drive to Replace the Old One

Sometimes, hard drive issues can occur due to the fact that your hard drive is too old and out of date. Thus its lifespan is about to end. When you use diagnose tool to check, you will receive the message absolutely. In this time, you need to replace the old hard drive. You may hesitate. But if the diagnose tool break down during checking, you have no choice but to install a new drive right now! No time for your hesitation! After replacing it, you could install OS on the new hard drive and then restore your data from backups.

4. Make an Image for the Hard Drive

Installing a new hard drive to replace the old one will require you to restore the system and data from the head. It will be quite time-consuming. Therefore, if you wouldn’t like to start from scratch, you could clone the drive in advance. In other words, make an image for your drive. Many tools like DataNumen Disk Image can help you accomplish it. But you should note, if your hard drive failure arises from virus infection, it is not suggested to make an image for it, in that it may transmit the viruses to other devices.

After taking the 4 measures mentioned above, if hard drive issues are still out of your control, you could contact a computer repair professional as well.

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