4 Tips to Secure SQL Server Implementations in the Cloud

With more and more SQL Server implementations happening in the cloud, it is imperative to take measures to secure them.

Secure SQL Server Implementations In The CloudThose who are running the Enterprise edition of SQL Server on onsite servers, do not have too much to worry about, with features like Transparent Data Encryption and Extensible Key Management at their disposal. The problem is for those, who have their SQL installations over cloud. Securing SQL over cloud continues to be a problem troubling a lot of users. SQL Server is a very heavy application and arranging the necessary amount of disk space required for managing it, is not something all organizations can afford. Thus a lot of them opt for switching it over the cloud.

MS AzureThe most popular cloud storage providers (CSPs), for SQL Server continues to be MS Azure. But SQL users do not shy away from using non Microsoft cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, etc. Although these platforms do have their own security features, they are not sufficient. With the amount of sensitive data the users store on these cloud platforms, a greater amount of security is a must. And along with implementing the inbuilt security features of these CSPs, you will have to ensure that they are implemented right, or it might be a total waste, making your data vulnerable.

Given below are few tips for cloud users, to protect their SQL installations.

  1. Relying entirely on the security measures provided by the cloud storage is not advisable, they will provide limited solutions like firewall protection, and more. It is advisable to make use of a third party software, for comprehensive security.
  2. For expert advice on cloud security, consult the Auditing and Legal team of your organization. Do not assume your data is safe, simply because you complied to the regulations of the CSP.
  3. A holistic security plan is the one, which provides protection against multiple threats. Your security plan should include the following:
  • Mechanism for Intrusion detection and prevention
  • System Monitoring
  • Secured Encryption and Proper Key Management
  • Provision for SSH in place of Passwords
  • Restrict access to sensitive data
  • Segmentation of duties and access roles
  1. Encrypting your data is one of the most basic way to protect your data, if anything goes wrong and there are losses, it is always the owner who is questioned. So as a business owner, you should always be in the lead, and make sure that all things are being taken care of, and there are no laxities.

The relevance of cloud as a storage platform is only increasing, simple mobile devices provide cloud storage to users, and we cannot expect enterprises to ignore cloud. Preference for cloud storage will only increase, making it imperative for CSPs to work on the security features. No organization should take the security of its sensitive data lightly and make sure that all its cloud installations are well protected. The tips given above are crucial for providing security to the SQL installations present in various cloud platforms. The users should make use of these tips and ensure security of data. Further invest in a SQL Server fix tool to deal with issues of corruption which may occur while transferring data to the cloud.

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