4 Tips to Keep Your Data Secure When Connecting to Public Wi-Fi

It’s suggested not to connect to public Wi-Fi in that hackers can take advantage of this and then steal, encrypt and even destroy your data. But in reality, many people still like to connect the free Wi-Fi. So this article will expose 4 tips for keeping data safe even when connected to public Wi-Fi.

There is no denying that public Wi-Fi is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, due to its free feature, it is so convenient that we can connect to it at will, which saves us from high bandwidth costs. On the other hand, it will cause numerous security threats, like malware, hacks and viruses. Once your devices get attacked, your data will suffer definitely. Such cases are very common.

Keep Your Data Secure When Connecting to Public Wi-Fi

If you don’t want to lose your data due to the security threats, you ought to get an additional copy of your data, namely making a backup. For instance, as long as you’ve backed up the Outlook files, even if your Outlook data is ruined by email borne viruses, you still can restore damaged Outlook data from the backup easily. Of course, you can reduce the security risks in a great degree via the following 4 tricks.

1. Never Share Data

Undoubtedly, the sharing process is the moment in which your data is the most vulnerable. The hackers can easily gain access to your device and your data. Thus, you shouldn’t share any files when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi. In addition, many devices come endowed with the enabled sharing feature, such as your PC on Windows operating system. You should go to “Control Panel” to disable it.

2. Keep Firewalls Activated

It’s acknowledged that firewall is the most fundamental protection against virus and other kinds of intrusions into your computer. Even in the worst cases, it still can detect the potentially unsafe attacks and slow down it and then prompt us in time. Fortunately, most operating systems come packed with the firewalls. Hence, what you should do is just to keep them always activated, especially when you’re working on public Wi-Fi.

3. Never Access Your Private Info

Visiting websites is another risky action when you’re connected on public Wi-Fi. It is because that all of your browsing information is entirely exposed to public so that anyone can easily gain the info as long as they want. Thereby, you had better not access your private information on the public Wi-Fi. If you want to log on a social network site, such as Facebook or Twitter, you should ensure the site is SSL encrypted. SSL encryption indicates that the site URL contains the prefix, HTTPS.

4. Disconnect from it When Not in Use

The last but not the least tip is that you should disconnect from the public Wi-Fi as soon as possible if you don’t require the internet. When you’ve finished using the Internet, it is unnecessary to keep connected to the Wi-Fi any longer. So turn it off immediately. Otherwise, the hackers will achieve more time to probe into your device, system and then steal your data.

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  1. Absolutely agree. These days snoopers can attack from anywhere. This is the exact reason why I installed purevpn to keep myself safe as i have to travel alot in my job and sometimes i have no choice but to use public wifi