4 Quick Ways to Fix the Issue That All Folders in External Hard Drive Become Empty Unexpectedly

There are numerous users who have been subject to the problem that all folders in their external hard drives become empty but actually files are there. Now, this article will guide users to fix this issue by 4 easy means.

Nowadays, most users are accustomed to backing up data to external hard drives. Therefore, usually, external hard drives are extremely important. In this scenario, if you find that all folders in your external hard drive become empty but in reality you had backups there, how terrible it is! Before drive data recovery, like Outlook recovery, it is suggested to take the following measures firstly. Maybe they will be able to get back your files.

4 Quick Ways to Fix the Issue That All Folders in External Hard Drive Become Empty Unexpectedly

Method 1: Restart PC and Reconnect Drive

At times, it is likely that something wrong has happened to the computer memory. Thus, the operating system is unable to respond when you get access to the hard drive. To fix this issue, you can simply unplug the external drive from the PC and then restart the PC. Later, you can reconnect the external drive to verify if the files in folders come back. Provided that the issue persists, move on to use the next method.

Method 2: Show Hidden Files and Folders

In comparison to the cause mentioned above, actually, that the files are hidden in the external hard drive is commonly the real reason. Therefore, what you need to do is to show the hidden files. To get this, first off, you need to search “run” in the “Start Menu”. Then, in the “Run” dialog box, input “control folders” and click “OK”.

In the subsequent “Folder Options”, switch to “View” tab and check “show hidden files, folders and drives” option. Finally, click “OK” to save the folder view options. Now, you can go to check the folders in the external hard drive again.

Method 3: Check and Repair Drive Errors

Supposing that Method 1 and 2 cannot solve this problem, it is possible that the hard drive is subject to some file system errors. Hence, you are required to check and repair the drive errors. To do this, you can right click on the drive and choose “Properties”. Then, in the popup dialog box, turn to “Tools” tab, on which you can click the “Check now” button. After that, you can reopen the external hard drive to see if files appear.

Method 4: Scan Drive and Kill Viruses

Moreover, there is a chance that the external hard drive is infected with viruses, so the files in all folders disappeared. Under this circumstance, you have to make efforts to kill the viruses. This demands you to employ powerful and trustworthy antivirus software. Use it to full scan the whole external drive and kill the viruses and malware. If successfully, your files will surely reappear.

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