4 Potential Data Loss Scenarios and How to Fix Them

One of the most common results from computing errors is data loss. Quick action to identify the problem and apply the correct data recovery solution can help you avoid catastrophic data loss. Here are some common data loss scenarios and the appropriate data recovery actions to take.

DataNumen Data Recovery

Data loss incidents can be stressful. The thought of being unable to access important files and folders makes many a computer user’s blood run cold.

Depending on the reason behind the data loss incident, there are ways to ensure that you can recover most if not all your data. Here are some common scenarios where you might find yourself grappling with data loss and what to do about them.

Scenario 1: My hard drive is recognized by the computer’s BIOS but is inaccessible

This is a sign that your computer is suffering a logical hard drive failure. You may see an error message that there is no drive present.

If you are suffering from a logical hardware problem, you will need to run a data recovery software program, to attempt to recover your data.

Scenario 2: My device keeps shutting down

Many hard drives shut down when there is an error in an attempt to prevent any further damage. This usually happens when there is a hardware problem.

It could be a case of the controller board being damaged, or the spindle motor seizing. The drive head could also be either stuck or damaged.

All in all, the only way to really find out what is wrong is to take it to a data recovery specialist. They can open up your computer and search for the damaged parts. Hopefully they can either repair or replace it.

Scenario 3: My computer keeps freezing up when I try to turn it on

This could be a sign of firmware failure. Firmware is the code, added by the manufacturer that basically contains the instructions that “tell” your computer to run. So if there is something wrong with the firmware, you computer doesn’t know that it’s supposed to turn on.

Firmware failure can be cause due to viruses or malware or because of problems with the hard drive. It causes you to temporarily lose access to your data. In cases of firmware failure, you will need to take your drive to a data recovery expert.

Scenarios like this are one reason it’s important to have regular backups made. If you have DataNumen Backup, you can quickly make copies of your important files to ensure that you can still access your data even if your hard drive is inaccessible. So you can keep working, even if your hard drive is at the repair shop.

Scenario 4: You are getting error messages that say a location or drive is not available

This could mean that there are bad sectors in your hard drive. There are two types of bad sectors and the ways that you can retrieve your data from them will vary.

If the bad sector is cause by physical damage, this means that there is a mechanical problem that is making your drive inaccessible. You are going to need to see a data recovery expert for that. Bad sectors caused by logical damage, are caused by software issues, viruses, or malware. Your data is still there and if you run file recovery software such as DataNumen Data Recovery, there is a good chance you can recover and restore the files from a bad sector. 

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