4 Key Benefits of Solution Explorer Pane in SQL Server Management Studio

In this article, we explain the relevance of Solution explorer feature present in SQL Server Management Studio and mention 4 Key benefits of using it.

 SSMS’s Solution Explorer Pane offer containers which are referred to as projects, which are used for managing items like queries, files, database scripts, and data connections. A user can combine these projects in a container, which are called a solution.

4 Key Benefits of Solution Explorer Pane in SQL Server Management Studio

A solution can comprise of multiple, projects, metadata and files, which helps in defining the solution. A project can be defined as a set of file and related metadata like connection information. Note that projects and solution contain all the items which represent queries, connection information, scripts and files, which a user will need for creating a database solution.

SQL Server’s Solution Project can be very straightforward to use and operate, it allows programmers and developers to manage and organize their codes and templates into different projects which can be easily accessed within SSMS’s viewing panes. We all will be frustrated if we had to track down a file, in a jungle of work files and projects. Solution Explorer helps in accessing these files using a single query.

Note: This feature might be removed from the future version of SSMS. So, avoid using the following feature in your new development works, and also plan on modifying your applications which are currently using or operating through this feature.

Steps for Accessing a Solution Panel

For accessing the solution panel, first, the user needs to Go to the view > then select Solution Explorer (or just press CTLR + ALT + L on your keyboard)

For adding a project, a user needs to right click on solution explorer and then simply select add a new project. For adding a new connection right-click directly on the Connections folder, (Users can use enlisted options tab for specifying their database) users can also add new queries by double-clicking on the connection or simply by clicking right on the Queries folder.

Note: Users should always end the name of a query with a .sql otherwise the file will be automatically transferred to the miscellaneous folder. For running a query, simply double-click on it and it will automatically open in SSMS.

Solution Explorer Pane offers a nice way for organizing queries, using which the users can easily locate them, (instead of hunting them through windows explorer). Solution Explorer Pane also offers source control support which provides accessibility and organization within the database.

Benefits of Using the Solution Explorer Pane in SSMS

Users can use these containers for:

  • Implementing source control in their queries and scripts.
  • Managing settings for their solution for individual projects or as a whole.
  • Handling the details of management files while a user can focus on items which can make up their database solution.
  • Adding items which are used for multiple projects in a solution or to a solution without referencing to the item in individual projects.
  • Working on miscellaneous files which are independent of the projects or solutions.

Note: Items comprised in a project depend on the type of the project and whether the user is using the SQL Server Management Studio or not.

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