4 Effective Tips to Recover Outlook Data if You Delete PST file by Mistake

Discover four handy approaches for salvaging your Outlook data in cases where your PST file gets deleted by accident.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

Client email software allows companies to communicate and share information easily. One of the commonly used applications for email communication around the world is MS Outlook Most people prefer this application because it is easy to use and allows you to organize your work.

When users delete their mailbox data accidentally and only realize this when they have already overwritten data on the drive, the likelihood of getting back PST files are slim. Let’s examine four approaches to salvaging your Outlook data.

Find the PST file from the Recycle bin

A simple deletion of content takes it to the trash bin. The moment you realize that you’ve erased the mailbox data, check the recycle bin. Once you see the PST file, right-click it and select ‘Restore’. This will send the file back to the original folder. Now, use Outlook and try to access your emails. In case the PST file isn’t damaged, the documents will open normally. But if it’s damaged, use DataNumen Outlook Repair to repair the file.

Use a general data recovery tool

In case you delete your mailbox data permanently, you will not find it in the trash bin. To recover your data, try a general data recovery software such as DataNumen Data Recovery to scan your hard drive for the erased files. This software allows you to preview any deleted files before recovering them. This makes it possible to select only the mailbox data and not anything else you are not interested in. In case you can’t open the recovered data, it’s advisable to use a specialized tool for Outlook recovery and repair such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. This enables you to scan and repair your PST file.

Recover email data using a disk image

Another way to recover permanently deleted Outlook data from your computer is to create a disk image, then use this file to get your data using a specialized tool. One of the best tools you can use to create an image of your disk is DataNumen Disk Image. Once you create the disk image, scan the file using DataNumen Outlook Repair tool. This software is optimized to repair and recover Outlook data.

Use a specialized tool to scan your drive

You can also opt to scan your drive use a specialized tool optimized to repair Outlook data on formatted drives. In this case, the best tool to use is DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery. It works well in scenarios where data on a drive permanently deleted, including cases where a new operating system has been installed. Use the target drive as the source file. Also, make sure that the output data is stored in a different drive. This way, you will not overwrite data on the source drive and make it hard to salvage more data.

Final Thoughts

Each of the methods for recovering mailbox data discussed above can be applied depending on your unique situation. For instance, recovering mailbox data from the recycle bin works for simple deletion cases. Also, using a general data recovery tool is not as effective as using a specialized tool to recover Outlook files from formatted disks.

Another important aspect to consider is that some specialized tools are updated more frequently than others. For example, DataNumen Outlook Repair is updated more frequently than DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery. This means you are likely to get better results using DataNumen Outlook Repair than scanning the target drive using DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery.

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