4 Common Ways to Back up Your iPhone or iPad Data

Your iPhone or iPad must contain a great deal of your valuable data. The best way to protect it is to make data backup. In this article, we will introduce 4 ways to get it.

Making regular and consistent data backups for you iPhone or iPad will save you from headaches if you encounter iPhone or iPad failures in the future. It is equal to backing up your computer data. For instance, as long as you back up your PST files, if Outlook corrupts, you still can recover PST data from backups with ease.

iPhone Data

If you have used iPhone or iPad for decades, you may have known that there are several available ways to back up your iDevice data, including iTunes, iCloud and Wi-Fi sync, etc. Many of them are easy to use. If you can combine them properly, you will get an invincible backup. Here we will introduce 4 of them in detail.

1. ITunes Backup

You must be familiar with iTunes, which is initially a simple music player. With its development, it has been a multimedia content manager, hardware sync manager, etc. It has become pretty comprehensive and sophisticated. Of course you can use it for data backup. When you plug in your iPhone or iPad to your computer which has iTunes, sync will be made between the iDevice and the computer. This sync process is actually copying your files from your iDevice to your computer.

2. Manual iCloud Backup

In fact, in iPhone or iPad, you must be able to find another backup selection. That is iCloud sync. You can head to your iDevice settings interface and select “iCloud” > “Storage & Backup”. If you only want to perform a backup only when you needed, manual backup may be a better choice. You can find and select the “Back Up Now” to back up your data right now. ICloud is smart that it can identify the data to be backed up and only back up what haven’t already been in iCloud.

3. Automatic Backup via iCloud

In the above part, it refers to backing up manually via iCloud. But in reality, if you would like to let your iPhone or iPad back up your data to the cloud automatically, you can use iCloud too. It provides “iCloud Backup” switch. As long as you turn it on, every time when your iDevice gets plugged in, locked or connected to Wi-Fi, an automatic data backup will start.

4. Back up Your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

The above three ways actually make use of two inbuilt tools – iTunes and iCloud, both of which are indeed useful. However, if your iDevice is jailbroken, your extra jailbroken settings and data will not be backed up via the two inbox tools. In this case, you have to resort to external backup software. There are multiple freeware in today’s market. You can search and download one. Then follow its instructions to run it.

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