4 Common Oracle Database Backup Errors and Their Solutions

Gone are the days when every Oracle user needed to have a pile of user guides to help them navigate the different error codes that pop up every now and then. Today, help is just a click away, and this post explores some of the common Oracle backup error codes you are likely to encounter.

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It is helpful for you as a user of Oracle database to know some of the error codes which frequently show up while people are using the database. Read on and discover what those errors are, and what you can do about them.

Error 607-Backup Cannot Proceed

This error code normally comes when you are trying to back up some Oracle files while another backup operation is ongoing on the same database. In this case, the most recent backup that you have initiated will not begin. The remedy for this is to wait out the first backup and then initiate the second one once the previous one is complete.

Error 611-Backup Process Died

When an ongoing backup procedure dies or stops unexpectedly, you will see an Error 611 message. The result of such an error code is that you will be unable to create a backup version of your Oracle database.

One of the steps that you can take in light of this error code is to use a third party tool like the DataNumen Backup tool to ensure that you have backup for your important files. Such a tool will buy you time to figure out what went wrong, and you can be sure that your attempts to fix the problem will not result in a permanent loss of the Oracle database files.

Error 652-Backup Directory Doesn’t Exist

If you specify an Oracle DB backup path that doesn’t exist, a 652 error code will pop up. The result is that the backup process will be unable to proceed and your files may be vulnerable to permanent loss or damage yet you don’t have a fallback position. The solution to this problem is to create a valid path for your backup so that Oracle can recognize it. Third-party backup tools can also help in this regard.

Error 659-Backup is Out of Date

If the file base names, or the backup file names indicated in the backup directory cannot be found in the database, then Oracle will send an Error 659 message. This problem may also occur if your backup files bear the same name as the files you have since deleted or that existed on previous databases. Once those files cannot be backed up because the system cannot trace them on your current database, you will receive this error code. You can overwrite the outdated files to resolve this problem.

There are many more error codes related to backing up Oracle database files, but with a database backup or recovery tool by your side, all these will be minor blips on your radar as you use Oracle DB. If the worst gets to the worst, contact customer support for more technical assistance.

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