4 Common Encryption Solutions for Your Data Backups

To secure your data backups, you may want to encrypt them. If you haven’t decided an encryption solution, you can read this article. Here we will elaborately introduce 4 common encryption solutions for backups.

The main reason why you back up your data is that the data is important and you don’t want to lose them. Moreover, most of time, some of the encrypted data may contain sensitive information. In this situation, perhaps not only do you want to back up them, but also you’ll need to encrypt the backed up data. Only when you encrypt your data backups, you can have a break. Otherwise, actually, your data is still in danger of being infected, stolen or lost. Now, if you’ve been determined to encrypt your backups, you can read on. Thereinafter, we’ll share 4 top encryption solutions with you.

4 Common Encryption Solutions for Your Data Backups

1. Encrypt Entire Backup Drive

If you are backing up your data to an external drive, no matter a hard drive or a USB flash drive, you can consider encrypting the entire backup drive directly. For instance, Windows provides an inbuilt drive encryption utility – “BitLocker”. So, you can use it to encrypt your backup drive. After that, every time when you want to access the drive, you will be required to enter the proper password.

2. Encrypt Backups in Cloud

Aside from local backups, cloud backup is also preferred nowadays. If you back up your data to the cloud, you can opt to encrypt data backups in the cloud. Most Cloud services are developed with endowed encryption feature. Of course, if you can afford it, you can select the cloud service that not only encrypts data but also encrypt the processes of transferring data.

3. Encrypt with Backup Tool

How do you back up your data? Do you simply copy and paste data or make use of specialized data backup tool? Actually, it is recommended to use backup tool in that it can also include all your PC programs, settings and configurations, etc. And majority of such tools support automatic encryption. In other words, you do not need to manually encrypt your backups any longer.

4. Encrypt Data before Backup

Furthermore, all above are the solutions to encrypt data during or after backups. Apart from them, you can opt to encrypt data before backup and then back up the encrypted data. There are multiple encryption utilities in today’s market, such as 7-zip, etc. You can download one from official sources to encrypt your data. Here you shouldn’t trust in any unknown tools as they may lead unexpected damage to your data, such as damaged Outlook data. At that time, it is too late to regret.

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