3 Top Reasons for Choosing DataNumen Word Repair

This article highlights the reasons why the DataNumen Word Repair software stands out as the best Word recovery tool compared to its competitors.

MS Word is one of the popular word processors in the world. It is commonly used to prepare documents such as reports and business agreements. It is possible for such documents to get corrupted and consequently become inaccessible. This can have serious ramifications for the owners, such as loss of business opportunities or the pain of preparing the documents again.

3 Top Reasons for Choosing DataNumen Word Repair

To avoid such from happening, MS Word users can use data recovery tools to recover corrupt documents. A good tool would be DataNumen Word Repair software and here’s why:

1.     Recovery Rate of Corrupt Data

If your files are corrupt, you want to recover as much data as possible. This means that you are better off working with a data recovery tool that gives you the best recovery rate in the market.

The good news is that the DataNumen Word Repair software gives you an average of 92.78%. The closest competitor product in this category scores 67.78%. This is 25% lower. The majority of the top 15 products in this class have a recovery rate of less than 50%. This shows how the DataNumen has made strides in providing consumers with a truly superior product.

2.     Document Formatting and Styling

There are different ways of formatting Word documents. These include font, line spacing, header, and footer features. Some industries and companies use specific formats to make their documents distinctive. Moreover, different types of documents are formatted differently.

When recovering corrupt documents, not all recovery tools can restore these features.

DataNumen Word Repair

DataNumen Word Repair tool stands out because it allows you to recover most of the document formatting. These include text features such as bold, italics, color, and size, among others. It also allows you to restore tables and their properties such as cell and text styling. Other features supported by this tool are the restoration of hyperlinks, header, and footers.

The advantage of using a tool that recovers the formatting of documents is that files retain their original form and therefore do not require additional editing.

3.     Convenience and User Experience

The DataNumen Word Repair tool is specially designed to use on Windows platforms. It is optimized to support Windows Explorer features so that users can apply similar shortcuts when using the program. For example, when you right-click on the data recovery tool, you can perform different functions such as undo an operation, delete, select files, cut, copy, and paste. These shortcuts allow you to process files with ease and increase your productivity.

Moreover, the software is not complicated. New users need not learn any complicated operations. It is also designed to allow you to access each function with ease. All these features make your data recovery easy and improve your user experience.


If you are looking for an MS Word document recovery tool, then DataNumen Word Repair is your best option. It leads in terms of data recovery rate in the field and supports the restoration of document formatting and styling. Moreover, it blends well with Windows systems, thus allowing you to use shortcuts that increase your efficiency.

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