3 Solutions to Fix Outlook Error 0X800CC0F

Find out how to diagnose MS Outlook error 0X800CC0F and proven ways to fix the problem quickly so that you can restore operations in your business.

3 Solutions to Fix Outlook Error 0X800CC0F

Imagine a situation where you need to send very important business communication but you cannot do so because MS Outlook keeps on giving you error 0X800CC0F every time you try. To make the matters worse, you cannot access your inbox. This can be extremely frustrating, not to mention the negative implications on your business. This article takes a quick look at what may cause this error and outlines three ways to fix it.

What Causes the Outlook 0X800CC0F Error

The MS Outlook 0X800CC0F error may result from various reasons. These include corruption of PST files, inaccurate configuration of firewalls, mail server malfunction, and Outlook installation errors. Before you start to troubleshoot your email application, it is important to back up your PST files to avert further damages should your procedures not work as expected.

Ways to Fix The 0X800CC0F Error

  1. Disable Your Firewall

When your firewall is not configured properly, it may block your email software from working properly. Therefore, to test whether this is the cause of the error, disable the Windows firewall and the POP servers on your Outlook settings.

To disable your Windows firewall, navigate to the network options properties, and switch off the firewall under the security tab. When you finish this step, check whether you are able to access your Outlook email without encountering the 0X800CC0F error. If the problem persists, update your POP3 mail server details manually.

  • Check Outlook Installation

As stated earlier, error 0X800CC0F can occur if your Outlook application is not properly installed. To fix this problem, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the software. To achieve this, navigate to your control panel, and under the ‘Programs’ tab, click ‘Uninstall a Program’. This reveals a list of all applications installed on your computer. Click on MS Outlook to uninstall the application.

Before you install a fresh copy of MS Outlook on your computer, make sure that it is compatible with your operating system. Also, confirm that your firewall settings are correctly configured and proceed to install your email application. This should clear the error.

  • Use Third-party Automated Software

If you are unable to resolve this error with the two methods above, you could still use advanced third-party tools that have been tried and tested. One such tool is the DataNumen Outlook Repair. Compared to other tools in this category, it ranks top with a recovery rate of 95.7%. The beauty of using this tool is that it’s easy to use as it comes with a simple user interface.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

To use it, simply download the application from the company website and install it. Purchase a user license to activate the enterprise features. Once the program is up and running, select your target file, choose where the output file will be saved, and click the ‘Start Repair’ button. You can also recover multiple files using the batch repair feature of the software.


Outlook 0X800CC0F error can be as a result of several reasons such as PST file corruption, incorrect mail server settings, or incorrect installation of the client email software. Before you begin to troubleshoot the error, back up your PST files to avoid losing them should you fail to fix the problem. Some quick fixes to this problem include changing the Windows firewall configuration, uninstalling and reinstalling the Outlook application, and using a third-party software Outlook recovery application.

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