3 Practical Methods to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel Cells

Sometimes you need to delete hyperlinks in Excel. In this article, we will introduce 3 practical methods to remove hyperlinks in Excel cells.

In this image below, you can see that there are 2 cells with hyperlinks.An Example to Delete Hyperlinks

And now you can follow the below 3 methods to remove those hyperlinks.

Method 1: Remove in Menu

This method is very easy in Excel.

  1. Right click the cell with hyperlink that you need to remove.
  2. And then choose the option “Remove Hyperlink”.Remove Hyperlink

Thus, you have removed the hyperlink of the cell.No Hyperlink

Therefore, you can repeat the steps and remove hyperlinks for other cells. Besides, you can also select the two cells together and use this method to remove hyperlinks together.

Method 2: Remove in the Edit Hyperlink Window

In this method, you can remove hyperlinks in the “Edit Hyperlink” window.

  1. Right click the target cell.
  2. And then choose the option “Edit Hyperlink”.Edit Hyperlink
  3. In the “Edit Hyperlink” dialog, click the button “Remove Link”. Remember here don’t clear the hyperlink in the “Address” text box. Otherwise the button of “OK” will be invalid.Remove Link

When you click the button “Remove Link”, the window will immediately disappear. And the hyperlink in the cell has also been removed. Different from the above method, you cannot delete the hyperlinks together for different cells.

Method 3: Remove in the Toolbar

In this method, you will use a feature in the toolbar.

  1. Select the target cell. You can use the arrow buttons on the keyboard or you can click and hold the mouse to select the cell.
  2. Now click the button “Clear” in the toolbar.
  3. And then in the drop-down menu, there are two options relating to hyperlinks.
  4. Here if you click the option “Clear Hyperlinks” in the menu, the hyperlink will be removed from the cell. However, the format will still remain.Clear Hyperlink

And you will see a small button near the target cell. If you click the button, you can see a submenu with two options. Here you can choose whether you want to leave the format or not.Options

  1. If you choose the option “Remove Hyperlinks” in the menu, the hyperlink will be removed immediately.Remove Hyperlinks

And at the same time, the format will also disappear. This is the difference between the two options under the “Clear” button. Sometimes you need to save the cell format, you can choose the “Clear Hyperlinks” in this method. In using this method, you can also remove hyperlinks for many cells together. And if you choose to leave the format, all the cells formats will not change.

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