3 Efficient Ways to Import External Data into Excel

Excel is very powerful in dealing with information. And today we will launch 3 methods to import external data into Excel.

In your daily life, you will use some files to store some daily affairs. For example, you will use the text document to store shopping list. But later you need to import external data into Excel to arrange the information. However, you may find that the format of the pasted information in the Excel like this:The Format in a Mess

Therefore, here we have three methods to import external data into Excel.

Steps of Using Text to Columns Directly

  1. Copy the information in the Text Document.
  2. In the Excel file, press the key “Ctrl + v”.
  3. And in the “Data” ribbon, click the option “Text to Columns”.Click Text to Column
  4. Then in the new window, click “Next”.Text to Columns Window
  5. Then set the certain options in the “delimiter”. In this example, you need to input the “:” in the option of “Others”. In your actual Excel, you should set according to your content.Set the Delimiters
  6. Click “Next”.
  7. And then click “Finish”. You can preview the effect in the “Data preview”.Preview and Click Finish

After all the steps, you can see that the numbers in the second column.The Number in the Second Column

Steps of Pasting Using Text Import Wizard

  1. Copy the information in the text document.
  2. In the Excel interface, click the arrow below the button of “Paste”.Text Import Wizard
  3. In the drop-down menu, click “Use Text Import Wizard”.
  4. Then a new window will pop up. And the following steps are exactly the step5-step8 in the previous part.

Steps of Opening a Text Document in Excel

  1. Click “File” on the ribbon.Click File
  2. Click “Open”.Open
  3. In the new window, selected the “Text Files”.Selected Text Files
  4. Then choose your text document.
  5. And then click “Open”.Click Open

And then the “Text Import Wizard” will pop up. The next steps are the same as the step5-step8 in the first method. You can follow the steps to finish the setting.

  1. Then click “Save” option on the ribbon. And you will see a new window.
  2. Click “Yes”.Click Yes to Save

And then the information is all in your new Excel files.

What to Do with Excel Corruption

Corruption in Excel files are likely to happen when the computer meet with virus, malware or other internal and external reasons. Once you notice that your Excel has corrupted, you should try to repair it as soon as possible. We also recommend that you can use the external third party tool to repair Excel files. With the assist of the software, you can get back almost all the information.

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