3 Effective Methods to Wipe Data on Your Hard Drives Thoroughly

Other from protecting data, sometimes people need to delete data permanently. This article will offer 3 useful approaches and help you select an ideal one for your own situations.

You might come across similar situations where you want to delete some sensitive information which are no longer needed, or want to clean up the data in your devices before transfer. And in those cases, ensuring that you have wiped the data thoroughly is of vital importance. Otherwise, troubles will follow soon.

For instance, if you fail in the permanent deletion of private emails, then criminals might restore your data by trying to fix Outlook. Thus, you should be rigorous to make sure that you have the data deleted perpetually. And here we will provide 3 effective ways to help you with this task. Therefore, you can choose an ideal one according to your own situation.

wipe data

Why normal deletion is useless for data

There is a misunderstanding that if you deleted the data in computer by pressing “Shift + Delete”, cleaning up the “recycle bin” or formatting the disks, then you have thoroughly removed your data.

As a matter of the fact, your data just seems to be removed from your computer file system, but it actually still store in the hard drives. This process gives people better feelings in computer performance and also gives people a chance to restore data deleted by mistake. However, in this case, it will bring troubles. So now, let’s see how to erase your useless data permanently.

1.Overwrite and format/delete

If you have ever experienced data recovery, then you probably know that overwriting is one of the most severe wrong behaviors which can totally influence the success of the recovery. But here in this case, we can make use of this method to damage the deleted data.

Firstly, after the deletion on computer, you have to back up other data left in the disk which stores you removed data formerly, or remove them to other disks. (If you format the disk formerly, you can skip this step.) Then, check the hard disk size and find some useless files that can fill the hard disk. Next, fill the disks with these files and delete/format all these filled files again. At last, repeat the process for 2~3 times. Then in this way, your unwanted data will disappear thoroughly.

2.Third party tools

Besides, there are lots of third party tools in the market. Data shredder application can help you in this situation. Those tools actually use the same principle as the foresaid method. It offers a convenient and roboticized way for you.3.

3.Physically destroy the hard drive

This is the most effective way. So you can destroy the hard drive especially the platter to ensure the data will not be recovered by any other ways forever. Besides, please note that do not try to burn the hard drive, put it in microwave, or pour acid on it.


         Method 1                 Method 2                  Method 3
     advantage           No cost           1) Fast

2) convenient

       100% guaranteed                      success
    disadvantage   A bit tedious 1)Cost some money

2)Have a chance to meet unscrupulous third party provider

1) Cost some money

2) A little trouble in disassembling the hard disk

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