3 Common Mistakes People Make About Backups

One of the best ways to prevent catastrophic data loss is to make sure that you regularly backup your files. Backup programs allow people to easily create backups of everything from important files to their entire systems.

3 Common Mistakes People Make About Backups

Because data loss is a big problem that can cause you time and money, it’s a good idea to backup your important files and folder regularly.

It is a good idea to install a backup program on your computer that can regularly create copies of your important files to ensure that any data loss that occurs is just temporary. It’s also a good idea to avoid these three mistakes that people often make about backing up files.

1. Not making backups

Of course, the biggest and most common mistake people make with regards to backing up is, not to backup.

Even if you have a good data recovery program installed on your computer, creating regular backups is still a must. Remember, data recovery programs only work if you are looking at a logistical hard drive failure. If you have a physical hard drive failure, if the data loss is due to damage to the hardware or if your hard drive has failed, data recovery programs will not solve the problem.

In case of physical damage to your hard drive, you are going to need to restore your system on another device. If you have a disk image created by a disk imaging program such as DataNumen Disk Image, you can pop it into a new computer or laptop and restore not just your files but also any programs you installed and changes you made from your previous machine’s factory settings.

2. Not saving your backup in a separate storage device

Again, one of the most important reasons to have a backup of your important files is so that if you hard drive fails, you can still access your data.

If you use a program that copies and saves your important files and folders, like DataNumen Backup, you need to save these copies on other devices, such as a USB or and external hard drive. You can then store these devices in a safe place and, if your hard drive fails, you can use the backup files on these devices to restore your files.

DataNumen Backup

If the only copies of your backup are located in the hard drive that fails, then the backups are useless because you won’t be able to access them again.

3. Not testing your backup

If you have a backup program installed on your computer, you can automate the backup process. Set a schedule for when you want your computer to be backed up and just sit back and wait.

While scheduling backups is a good idea, you shouldn’t assume that the process is successful. Much like any type of file, a backup file can be corrupted. After your scheduled backup has finished, check to make sure that the backup files are accessible.

If you suspect that your backup files are corrupted, you can run the process again and hope that whatever went wrong with the previous backups won’t affect the new ones. Or you can try running a program that can fix corrupted backup files like DataNumen BKF Repair.

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