3 Common Causes of Cloud Data Losses

Cloud storage service indeed has many benefits, such as remote accessibility. But like other data storage media, it is not 100% safe. You still can lose your data on the cloud. This article will introduce 3 common causes about cloud data losses.

To prevent data loss, making a data backup must be the best way. For instance, if you have a backup for your Outlook data, when Outlook crashes, you can retrieve corrupt Outlook data from the backup with utmost ease.

When it comes to data backup, we will think of various backup options inevitably. One of the most popular options must be the cloud storage service. It is versed in automatic backup, which allows us not to make a regular backup manually on a schedule. In addition, now that the data is stored on the cloud, we can access it through multiple devices, like smartphone, without limits to computer. However, it doesn’t mean that our cloud data will be foolproof. There are still multiple causes of cloud data losses. Here we will pick out the 3 most common ones.

Cloud Data

1. Human Error

Without any doubts, human error is one of the most common causes of cloud data loss. The typical instance must be accidental deletion. When you access your cloud  data, you may intend to manage them by deleting what you think needless. But later you realize that the deleted data is actually still needed. This kind of case must have ever occurred to multiple users due to carelessness. Thus, be cautious before deleting any data. Don’t do anything regrettable!

2. Cyber Attacks

As we all know, not matter in backing up or recovering data from the cloud, the whole progress will rely on the Internet. In this course, you would be at a risk of data breach, which is the consequence of cyber-attacks. In the contemporary era, cybercrimes are becoming more and more rampant. Those cyber criminals are very adept at and wild about stealing or destroying the cloud data. So as to block this threat, you should protect your account with strong passwords. In addition, there are some cloud providers who support two-factor authentication. You can make full use of this feature.

3. Server Crashes

Compared to the initial stage of cloud technology, today’s cloud tech has achieved dramatic improvements. Nevertheless, server downtime still cannot be avoided with ease. Cloud server crashes can destroy some data permanently. In terms of the businesses, it will not only lead to a huge loss of data but also of property. It is believed that no businesses can withstand and recover from the catastrophe. In response to this potential threat, the best approach is to keep data redundancy. In other words, you should have additional backups on other storage media.

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