2 Ways to Set Color to Alternate Rows or Columns in Excel

Excel has many powerful features that attract people to use it. And today we will introduce two ways to set color to alternate rows or columns in Excel.

Excel is usually used to store and analyze data and information. And it is sometimes difficult for us to read the data in white color. Therefore, you can add different colors into different rows and columns. And with different color in different rows or columns, it is much easier for you to see the information in a big worksheet. But adding colors one by one is very time consuming. Thus, you can use the following ways to insert color to alternate rows in Excel. And here we will use the example student scores worksheet.The Example for this Article

Method 1: Using Conditional Formatting

  1. Press the shortcut key of “Ctrl + A” on the keyboard to select the target area.
  2. Then click the button of “Conditional Formatting” on the “Home” ribbon.
  3. And in the drop-down list, select the option of “New Rule”.Select Condition Formatting and New Rule
  4. In the new window, select the last option “Use a formula to determine which cells to format”.
  5. In the text box, input this formula: =MOD(ROW(),2)=0. As for columns, change the “ROW” into “COLUMN”.Input the Formula of Mod
  6. And then click the “Format” in the window.
  7. And then in the new pop-up window, click the “Fill” option.
  8. Then choose a color you need.
  9. Click “OK”.Fill and Choose Color
  10. In the “New Formatting Rule”, click “OK”. And then you will see the result.The New Interface of the Worksheet

It is much clear and you will not make a mistake easily according to the color.

Method 2: Creating a Table

Compared with the former method, this way is more easily.

  1. Press the shortcut key of “Ctrl + A”.
  2. Press the shortcut key of “Ctrl + T”
  3. In the new window, click “OK”. And then a table with format will appear.Click OK in Creat Table
  4. And if you don’t want to create a table, right click the area.
  5. And in the menu, put the cursor on the “Table”.
  6. Then click “Convert to Range”.Convert to Range
  7. And in the new pop-up window, click “Yes”. And then the table will disappear. And the format of color is still there.The Format Remain

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