2 Ways to Protect Your Privacy by Removing Personal Information from Word Document

In this article, we will offer you 2 ways to remove document properties as well as personal information so as to protect your privacy.

Sometimes when you create a document, you may need to share it to your colleagues. Though it’s a part of work style, have you noticed when you share your document, you also display your personal information in public as well? This is absolutely threatening your privacy. Usually a Word document could contain author name, company information, etc. Below is an example:An Example of Showing Document Properties and Personal Information

Fortunately, you have ways to delete such private information. Just read on to view more.

Method 1: Remove File Properties and Personal Information before Opening Document

  1. Firstly, right click the file which you decide to remove properties and personal information.
  2. Then choose “Properties” option on the list menu.Right Click a File ->Choose "Properties"
  3. In the dialog box open, first click “Details” option on the top side.
  4. Then click “Remove Properties and Personal Information” on the down side.Click "Details" ->Click "Remove Properties and Personal Information"
  5. Now you will have the “Remove Properties” dialog box opened.Check "Create a copy with all possible properties removed" Box ->Click "OK"

And you have 2 choices. If you choose “Create a copy with all possible properties              removed”, and then click “OK”, you will get a copy of the file without properties,              such as below:Effect of Removing the Properties

  1. If you want to keep some properties, you can choose “Remove the following properties from this file”, and go to check the properties you want to remove from your file, and click “OK”.Check "Remove the following properties from this file" ->Check Specific Properties ->Click "OK"

Method 2: Inspect and Remove Document Properties and Personal Information after Opening Document

To implement this method, we suggest you take a backup of your file first. Then you can follow the leads here.

  1. First and foremost, open your Word file.
  2. Then go to click “File” tab.
  3. Next click “Info” option.
  4. Then on the right side, click “Check for Issues” icon.
  5. Next, choose “Inspect Document” on the drop-down list.Click "File" ->Click "Info" ->Click "Check for Issues" ->Choose "Inspect Document"
  6. Now the “Document Inspector” dialog box will pop up. Make sure you check the “Document Properties and Personal Information” box.
  7. Then click “Inspect” button.Check "Document Properties and Personal Information" Box ->Click "Inspect"
  8. Still in the “Document Inspector” dialog box, you will get the inspecting result immediately, click “Remove All”.
  9. When document properties and personal information were successfully removed, click “Close”. You can achieve the result as is shown in method 1.Click "Remove All" ->Click "Close"

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