2 Useful Tips for Worksheet Tabs in Excel

Excel is highly customizable for users. And today we will introduce 2 useful tips for worksheet tabs.

The sheet tabs lie in the bottom part of the interface in Excel. Every time you need to edit in a certain sheet, you will click the tab of that sheet. And now we will introduce 2 tips to change the default size and color of sheet tabs.

Tips1: Change the Size

This is the default size in Excel.Default Size

If you find that the default size of the sheet tab is a little small, you can make adjustment and make it fit to your usage habit.

  1. Click the “Start” Button of the computer.
  2. And then click “Control Panel” on the right.Click Control Panel
  3. In the new window, click the “Appearance and Personalization” option.
  4. and then in the “Personalization” part, choose the option “Change window glass color”.Change Window Glass Colors
  5. Next click the “Advanced appearance settings” in the new window.Advanced Appearance Settings
  6. Select “Scrollbar” in the “Item”
  7. And then set the size according to your need.Change Size
  8. Next click “OK”. Now you come back to the interface of Excel, you will find that the size of the sheet tabs changes.

Tips2: Change the Color

Except for the default size, you can also change the color of the sheet tab. And for different sheets, you can also use the color to identify the categories.

  1. Right click the tab that you want to change the color.
  2. Next move your cursor on the option “Tab Color”. You can choose any of the color in the new menu.Choose More Color
  3. besides, if you want to use other color, click “More Colors”.
  4. And then in the “Colors” window, choose your target color.Choose Targte Color
  5. Next click “OK”. And then you will find that the color of this tab will change. Therefore, you can repeat the steps and change the color for other tabs.The Color all Change

In addition, if there are many sheets in your Excel, you can also find the target sheet quickly through the unique color.

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