2 Simple Ways to Encrypt Your Word Files

To keep the privacy of our Word document, we can set a password to it so that nobody can access. In this article, we will offer 2 simple ways to secure our Word document with encryption.

Word is a universally used tool in today’s society. Generally, we just write our Word document and save it somewhere in our computer. Sometimes, however, there might be some important or sensitive information contained in our documents. In such cases, we may protect our Word document by setting a password, so as to make sure nobody can access our important files. To address this problem, we will offer 2 different ways to encrypt your Word documents.

Method 1: Encrypt Current Document

  1. Go to “File” menu and click the “Info” page.Click the “Info” page
  1. Click “Protect document” button, and then choose “Encrypt with password”.Choose “Encrypt with password”
  1. In the following pop-up window, you can type your password in the “Password:” box. And then click ”OK”.Type your password
  1. In the next dialogue box, just reenter the same password in the “reenter password:”. Then click ”OK”.Reenter password

Method 2: Save As a New Encrypted Document

Sometimes, you do want to encrypt your Word document to keep it safe. However, at the same time, you still intend to keep the original unencrypted file somewhere in your computer. In such cases, you can use another method as we will introduce in this section.

  1. Switch to “File” menu and click “Save As”.Click “Save As”
  1. Next, we can select another file path in the subsequent Windows Explorer, and you can also rename the file in the “File name” box. And then click ”Tools”.Click ”Tools”
  1. Select ”General Options”.Select ”General Options”
  2. In the following pop-up window, you can input your password in “Password to open” box under ”File encryption options for this document”. Also, if want to keep your documents unmodified, you can set a password in “Password to modify” box. Lastly, click “OK”.Input your password

Using the aforementioned two methods, we will be able to successfully set a password to our document. Next time you open this encrypted document, there will be a pop-up window where you will have to type the password in order to open it.

Beware of Word File Corruption

Encryption enable us keep our Word files safe from others. However, we cannot prevent them from corrupted or damaged. Very often, we lose some important data due to some unexpected accident. Certainly, we can recover Word files by using Word’s in-built repair functionality, without the need of external help. But still, you can also take the assistance of external doc repair tools. With this tool in hand, you will be able carrying out a quick Word file recovery with a high recovery rate.

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