2 Methods to Recover a Corrupt Outlook File That is Password Protected

Learn about the challenges associated with recovering a password-protected Outlook file and two possible methods you can use to access your data.

2 Methods to Recover a Corrupt Outlook File That is Password Protected

If you want to ensure extra protection over your PST files, you can create a password for them. This limits access to PST files and ensures only those with the password can open. This way, an unauthorized person will not be able to tamper with such files. Unfortunately, it becomes hard to open these files if the password is lost. Worse still, encrypted PST files can also get damaged thus complicating the attempt to access them. Here is a look at some of your options when it comes to recovering data from corrupt password-protected PST file.

Method 1: Use scanpst.exe to repair the file first before you can access them

Scanpst.exe is the inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft to rectify damaged PST files. It only makes sense to begin troubleshooting damaged PST files with this tool. You may look at your system’s program files to find the tool. It’s found at c:\Program Files\ Microsoft office\Office (version)\Scanpst.exe. Once you launch the program, it should scan PST files and show you any errors. It also displays an option for you to repair. This tool comes in handy when dealing with minor issues on small PST files. But, it doesn’t guarantee good results when dealing with large PST files. Another downside of using Microsoft’s inbuilt repair tool is that you will still need to know the password of the file to access it.

Method 2: Use DataNumen Outlook Repair

Since the scanpst.exe command doesn’t guarantee a thorough job, especially if the file is large, it’s helpful to always have a plan B. That’s why we are introducing you to one of the trusted outlook repair tools in the market: DataNumen Outlook Repair. It’s a tool that will come in handy if you lose the password for your outlook personal folders files or when the password-protected files become corrupt. With this tool, you’ll gain access your email details and anything else stored in your personal folder. It doesn’t matter how large the personal folder file is – the tool works well with files that are over 2GB.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

To recover your damaged files, get the DataNumen Outlook Repair from the developer’s website, and install it in your device. Once you have the software, all you need to do is to identify the Outlook PST file that’s needs repair. This becomes your source file. You’ll be required to create an output file; you can name it “Fixed PST file.” Now, hit repair. The program will decrypt all the data in your source PST file and move it to the new “Fixed PST file.” You should be able to open this new file through Outlook without the need to input a password.


It’s possible to recover all the information stored in a password-locked Outlook personal folder file whether the files got corrupt or you lost the password. However, the conventional method provided by Microsoft may not work. Even if you manage to repair the damaged files, you won’t access them without a password. That’s where a powerful tool such as DataNumen Outlook Repair comes in. It’s been proven to offer a 95.70% recovery rate even when dealing with oversized PST files. Besides, it decrypts the files before recovery and the output files do not require old passwords to open.

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