2 Methods to Fix Hyperlink Malfunctions in Outlook

If hyperlink in Outlook cannot work and Internet Explorer is the default browser on your computer, you can use the 2 methods in this article to get rid of this issue.

When need to offer some Internet references to my fellows, instead of copying excessive characters, I prefer to insert according hyperlink into the emails. But on one occasion, one of them told me that the hyperlink cannot work. After a-certain-time checks, we found this problem stems from hyperlink malfunctions on his computer. Here are 2 methods that he’s tried before.

Method 1: Reset Internet Explorer Settings

  1. To start with, open Internet Explorer on your computer.
  2. Click ‘Tools” icon and select “Internet Options” from the drop down list.Internet Options
  3. In the new dialog box, switch to “Advanced” tab and hit “Reset” button."Reset" Button under Advanced Tab
  4. Then in another new dialog box, you should check “Delete personal settings” and click “Reset” button. After it finishes, you will receive a prompt but close it.Delete Personal Settings
  5. After resetting, restart Internet Explorer and re-click ‘Tools” icon and choose “internet Options”.
  6. Next switch to “Programs” tab, under which you should hit “Set Programs”.Set Programs
  7. In the new window, click “Set your default programs” link, which will bring out another window with program list.
  8. You should locate and pitch on “Microsoft Outlook” on the left pane and click “Set this program as default”.Set Outlook as Default
  9. Later still in the current window, set “Internet Explorer” as default.
  10. Finally click “OK” to exit the window and open Outlook to have a try.

If the method fails, you should turn to the next method, namely importing the specific registry key from a properly functioning computer to the current one. Before taking actions, you had better backup the registry keys.

Method 2: Import the Specific Registry Key from the Properly Functioning Computer

  1. On the properly functioning computer, open Registry Editor by searching “regedit” in “Start Menu”.
  2. In Registry Editor, go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ > “Software” > “Classes” > “htmlfile” > “shell”> “open” > “command”.Command
  3. Click “File” > “Export”, which will open a new window for you to save the registration file.Export the Registry Key
  4. Then copy the file to the desktop on the malfunctioning computer. Double click on it and click “Yes” > “OK” to import the registry key.Import the Registration File
  5. Next open the Registry Editor on this computer and locate “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT” > “.html”.
  6. On the right pane, you should ensure the value data of “(Default)” is “htmlfile”. If not, double click the value to change the data.htmlfile
  7. Eventually close Registry Editor. Open Outlook to test it.

Accustomed to Frequent Outlook Errors

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