2 Means to Find Specific Contacts Based on Their Birthdays in Outlook

If you wish to find out desired contacts in Outlook on basis of their birthdays, you can apply the 2 techniques introduced in this article.

If you are regular user of Outlook, you must have got a great number of Outlook contacts. Besides, not only can Outlook permit you to add the concrete birthdays to them, but also it allows you to find out specific contacts based on birthday, such as looking for your contacts whose birthdays are between 10/20/1991 and 10/19/1993. Read on to learn the elaborate steps.

1. Find Specific Contacts Based on Their Birthdays by Instant Search

When it comes to finding something in Outlook, “Instant Search”, the primary search tool will occur to the majority of users. Of course, in effort to find out the contacts based on their varying birthdays, we can accomplish it via instant search as well. As for searching criteria, you can refer to the followings:

  1. To find out the contacts born before 1993, type “birthday: <1993”.Contacts Born Before 1993
  2. To search out the contacts born after 1993, type “birthday: >1993”.Contacts Born After 1993
  3. To filter contacts who are just born in 1993, enter “birthday: 1993” directly.Contacts Born in 1993
  4. Like the above four searching criteria, if you wish to find out the contacts born from an accurate specified date, such as “10/19/1993”, you could type “birthday: <10/19/1993”.Contacts Born from 10191993
  5. If you hope to search out the contacts born between two specific dates, like between “10/20/1991” and “10/19/1993”, search “birthday: 10/20/1991 .. 10/19/1993”.Contacts Born Between Two Specific Dates
  6. Also, if you want to find the contacts which you haven’t specified birthdays, you could input “birthday: []”.Contacts without Birthdays

Note: When typing the accurate date, you should utilize the default date format of your computer.

2. Find Specific Contacts Based on Their Birthdays by Advanced Find

Equally, “Advanced Find”, as another robust search tool in Outlook, can assist you to achieve it as well. Here I will take “Searching contacts that are born between 10/20/1991 and 10/19/1993” as the example.

  1. To begin with, click into the search box to enable “Search” tab.
  2. Then click on “Search Tools” button and choose “Advanced Find”.Advanced Find
  3. Next a new dialog box will show up, in which you should take the following steps:
  • Firstly, switch to “Advanced” tab.
  • Then in “Define more criteria”, select “Birthday” in “Field”, “between” in “Condition”, and type “10/20/1991 and 10/19/1993” in “Value”.
  • Next click “Add to List”.
  • Lastly click “Find Now” button.Advanced Find Contacts Born Between 10201991 and 10191993
  1. Now you can see the search result lists at bottom.

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