2 Effective Solutions to Solve Errors when Copying Formulas

Most of the time, we will use Excel to do some calculating. During the process, we will certainly use the formulas in Excel to help speed up the process. Thus, we have the ways to solve errors when copying cells with formulas.

The formula in Excel shows its powerful capabilities. But in some cases, we need to use the results produced by those formulas in other worksheets. If we don’t know which number is the result of calculation, we will meet with some troubles. If we simply copy it and paste to another cell, actually we copy a formula. And the result will be another number or show an error. And here is such an example.

An Example of Copy Error in Formula

In the image below, you can see that this is a worksheet of sales volume of some employees.Example to Display Cells with Formulas

The last column is the total volume of every one in a year. And actually, the result is calculated through the formula of “Sum” formula. But now you need to copy those numbers to a wage worksheet to calculate employees’ bonus. If you directly copy it and paste to a new column, the result will be like this:The Error of Copy and Paste

This means that the formula cannot work here.

Thus, we need to display cells with formulas before we have the next move. And the following are the two methods to solve this problem.

Display Cells with Formulas

  1. Click “File” on the ribbon.
  2. Next, click the “Options” on the left.Click File and Options
  3. And then you will see a new window pops up. Click the option of “Advanced”.
  4. And now drag the toolbar until you see the option of “Display options for this worksheet”.
  5. Then click the small arrow at this part.
  6. And in the drop-down menu, choose the worksheet that you want to show the original formula.Check Show Formula
  7. And then check the second option “Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results”.
  8. Now you can click “OK” to save your setting.

And come back to the worksheet, you will see that the formulas of the total column show up.The Formulas Show up

And now you know which cells have formula and which cells don’t have. Thus, you can choose to copy the values of cells.

Copy the Values of Formulas

Still you can use special options in paste even if you don’t know which one is the result of formulas.

  1. Copy the target area.
  2. Right click the target cells where you want to input the numbers.
  3. And in the new list, click the “Values” in the paste option.Choose Values

Thus, you can get the numbers instead of the errors in your new worksheets.

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