2 Common Data Loss Scenarios and What to Do About Them

Data loss occurs when there is something wrong with your hard drive so you can’t access your data. There are various reasons why this can occur and in the post, we take a closer look at two common data loss scenarios and how you can retrieve your data.

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No matter how careful you are handling your devices, accidents happen. Physical damage to your hard drive or its components can lead to failure and data loss. So can viruses, malware, or just plain carelessness.

Here are a few scenarios you should be aware of that mean that there is something wrong with your hard drive. Acting quickly will ensure that any data loss you suffer will only be temporary.

Scenario 1: I am hearing strange noises when my computer is operating

Usually, when your computer is operating, the only sound you should hear is the whirring of the fan keeping your drive cool. If you start to hear a clicking or grinding noise when your computer is operating, there is something wrong.

a. I hear a clicking sound.

When you are using your computer, the disk head moves while tracking data. Sometimes it can become misaligned which means that it can’t move correctly and cannot track the disk’s surface correctly. In an attempt to correct this, the disk controller will attempt to return the head to the home position, causing the “strange noises”.

Sometimes the disk controller will manage to correctly realign the disk head and the sounds will cease. However, if you start to hear it often, this is a sign that your hard drive is about to fail.

b. I hear a grinding sound

If you hear grinding sounds when your computer is starting up or while you are using it, this could mean either the bearings or the spindle motor has been damaged. This is an especially common occurrence after you’ve accidently dropped your computer or laptop.

Regular backups are key to preventing data loss due to physical damage to the hard drive, so hopefully you have copies of your important files somewhere as this type of hard drive problem needs to be seen to by an expert.

Scenario 2: My disk is not recognized

If, after a power surge, you try to turn your computer back on and are getting error messages to the extent that your drive is not recognized, your drive might be suffering physical damage. Specifically, your circuit board could be burnt. 

Power surges or overheating can fry your circuit board and make your data inaccessible. If you suspect this is what happened to your hard drive, you are going to have to take it to a data recovery specialist. They will probably have to open up your computer to check on your circuit board and possibly replace it.

What to do?

You will have to bring your hard drive and leave it with a data recovery expert. They may be able to repair or replace the defective parts and get your hard drive working again.

Regularly backup important files with DataNumen Backup, this will ensure that you can still access your important data even if your hard drive is under repair. You should also have a disk image made using DataNumen Disk Image, so that if the hard drive is irreparable, you can restore you disks and drives easily on a new computer.

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