11 Effective Solutions when Windows Is Stuck on Loading Screen

When you start your Windows but it gets stuck on the loading screen, how can you deal with it? This article will introduce you 11 useful solutions to this issue without losing data.

Have you ever suffered such a case where Windows gets stuck on loading screen when you try to turn on your PC? It can be quite frustrating in that you will not be able to access your computer data. Some users will tend to hard force the PC to shut down and restart it. At times, the issue will go away. But this means is not suggested since it can damage the computer and data, like leading to corrupt PST. Therefore, you had better utilize the following 11 ways to solve this trouble.

11 Effective Solutions when Windows Is Stuck on Loading Screen

1. Start in Safe Mode

In the first place, you can try safe mode in the current Windows. If you are using Windows 7, you can simply press F8. If using Windows 8/10, hold “Shift” key and hit Restart on Power menu. Most of time, the issue will be solved. If not, move on to the next solution.

2. Do System Repair via System Installation CD

Since this issue is involved with Windows system, you can do system repair to try to fix it. Boot your PC from a Windows system installation CD. In the subsequent screen, you can find the “Repair Computer” option. Select this option and it will try to fix the issue.

3. Run Bootrec.exe Tool

Apart from the “Repair Computer” option mentioned above, you can make use of “bootrec.exe” tool as well. When booting PC from the installation CD, press “Shift + F10″ keys to show the Command Prompt window. Then type “bootrec.exe /fix” and press “Enter”.

4. Try System Restore

Moreover, if you have a good habit of making full system backup for your PC, you can restore your Windows system to the time when it can work normally. Restart your Windows and press “F8” key when rebooting. Then you can select “Repair Your Computer” > “System Restore”. Next choose a system restore point.

5. Scan & Fix Hard Disk Errors

Perhaps this issue may occur from your hard disk errors. Therefore, you should also attempt to scan and fix the disk problems. Press “F8” key during rebooting PC. Then select “Repair Your Computer” > “Command Prompt”. In the subsequent window, type “chkdsk /f” and press “Enter”.

6. Check CMOS and CMOS Battery

CMOS is a read/write chip on the motherboard, which is responsible for storing the hardware configurations and other settings. Therefore, if something wrong is occurring to it, Windows can get stuck on loading screen too. You can just remove the CMOS battery for some minutes, which will reset the BIOS settings.

7. Check System RAM

If system RAM malfunctions, Windows can be stuck on loading screen too. Hence, you should test the RAM. You can simply try replacing the computer memory slot or reinstall it. After that, restart your PC in safe mode. Then run “MSCONFIG”. And next clear all boot options.

8. Remove Video Card Driver

Sometimes, Windows stuck on loading screen may result from corrupt video card driver. In this case, you can just reinstall this driver in safe mode.

9. Kill Viruses in Safe Mode

Furthermore, viruses can be the culprit as well. You could boot your computer in safe mode and then scan it for viruses and kill them in that most viruses cannot get loaded in safe mode.

10. Uninstall Incompatible Software

Often, the incompatible software can lead to this trouble too. Therefore, you need to find out them and uninstall them. All these can be done in safe mode.

11. Reinstall Windows System

Provided that all the above approaches cannot help you get rid of this problem, you have no choice but to reinstall the Windows system. However, this way will ruin your data. So, it can only be served as last resort if you’ve kept effective data backups in hand.

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