11 Effective Solutions When Computer Becomes Very Slow

Today, we will discuss a typical case. If the computer keeps running in a very slow status for a long time, you can refer to this article for reasons and solutions.

Computers can run slowly for various reasons. If the computer runs slow just in a while, then it’s nothing to worry about. But if the computer keeps running very slowly, you have to pay attention to this abnormal condition. And you ought to take measures to settle down the problem to prevent future data disasters like Outlook corruption.

 computer runs slowly

1 Disable add-ons

Some add-ons in the browser can make thing become easier, but some add-ons are prone to do bad things in the computer. Add-ons might bundle with other freeware that you don’t want and even don’t know. Thus, you should disable useless add-ons in your browser firstly to see if the computer is still slow or not.

2 Install anti-virus programs

Virus is notorious for every computer users. It can infect the computer in many ways and trigger multiple troubles including slowing down the computer. If you haven’t installed a powerful tool or haven’t updated the tool for a long time, you should go action right now.

3 Disable startup programs

Generally, new programs always make itself join into the startup menu automatically. And there will be more and more programs keep running at the same time, which will definitely slow down the computer. Thus you should disable them in following steps in Window 7.

  • Go to Start button and type “System Configuration” in the search box.
  • Then in the “Startup” tab, uncheck the target programs that you want to disable.

4 Free up storage space

If the hard disks in the computer are nearly full, then your computer will run slowly as well. In this case, you should free up the device space by using the Windows inbuilt tool called “Disk Cleanup”.

5 Check hard drive issues

Apart from space problem, if your hard drive gets corrupt somehow, then you will meet up with this problem too. So in this case, you can use the Windows inbuilt tool called “chkdsk” to check the hard drive and fix some basic errors.

6 Conflict programs or hardware

If you download incompatible programs or buy incompatible devices, then you will come across this problem too. Thus you should restart your computer in clean boot to see if there are any conflict programs. And you can also check the Disk manager to see if there are any conflict devices.

7 Update Windows

If you haven’t updated your computer operating system for a long time, then your computer will become slower. In this situation, you can upgrade your Windows to solve the problem.

8 Cool down the overheating device

Sometimes, you might run too many programs which will increase the CPU and heat the device up. Then overheating will probably slow down your computer or even trigger system crash and ruin hardware. So you have to quit some programs and prepare cooling equipment if necessary.

9 Update the drivers

In this case, you should also make sure that you have equipped the latest drivers for your hard ware. Old drivers can lead to many issues including slow down the computer.

10 Add memories

If you have used the computer for more than 2 years, then you have to add memories for it. Only enough memories for programs can keep your computer running in a common manner all the time.

11 Uninstall useless applications

If you have installed too many programs in the computer, especially in the partition C, then you will get a slow computer absolutely. Thus, under this circumstance, you should uninstall all the helpless and unused applications right now.

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