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Avery is a Fortune 500 company and the global leader in the manufacturing of labels, binders, dividers, and other office supplies. With a worldwide presence and a large, complex supply chain, Avery utilizes massive databases to manage various processes across its operations. Avery’s dependence on data is paramount for seamless operation and maintaining business continuity. Avery faced a significant challenge when they encountered issues with their SQL Server databases – a situation where DataNumen SQL Recovery was instrumental in finding a solution.


In March 2015, some of Avery’s SQL Server databases experienced a catastrophic failure due to a combination of hardware malfunctions and data corruption. These databases were crucial as they housed the majority of Avery’s operational data, including supply chain logistics, inventory management, and sales records. The failure threatened Avery’s operational continuity and had the potential to cause significant losses.

Upon recognizing the problem, Avery’s IT team attempted to restore the databases using the traditional RESTORE command and in-built advanced commands such as DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC CHECKTABLE. Unfortunately, the corruption was too severe, and the recovery attempts only returned partial and inconsistent data. A solution was needed urgently to avoid any further potential operational disruption.


Given the critical situation, Avery decided to reach out to DataNumen for their expertise in data recovery. DataNumen’s product, the SQL Recovery tool, was deployed to recover Avery’s damaged SQL Server databases.

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DataNumen SQL Recovery is an advanced tool that recovers not only tables, stored procedures, views, triggers, etc., but also deleted records and objects from corrupt or damaged MDF and NDF files. With its powerful underlying technology, the software offers the highest recovery rate in the industry.

Once deployed, DataNumen SQL Recovery started working on the corrupted databases. The tool executed a thorough scan and proceeded to repair the issues. It effectively addressed the problems that the in-built commands couldn’t handle and started the recovery process.


DataNumen SQL Recovery successfully restored over 90% of the data in Avery’s SQL databases, a rate significantly higher than the industry average. The tool managed to salvage critical data and restore key elements of the supply chain management, sales records, and inventory databases.

This result minimized Avery’s potential loss from the incident, and operations were restored with minimum downtime. The IT department noted the ease-of-use of the tool and its ability to restore even the most corrupted files, which had seemed impossible with the previous methods they had tried.

Further, DataNumen SQL Recovery provided Avery with a reliable option for future data recovery needs. The product’s success has led Avery to integrate it into its regular data management and contingency strategies, ensuring that they are better prepared for potential data corruption issues in the future.


This case study with Avery demonstrates the power and effectiveness of DataNumen SQL Recovery in managing severe SQL Server database corruption. By enabling Avery to recover a significant portion of their corrupted data, DataNumen showcased its industry-leading technology and its critical role in database recovery. Avery’s experience reaffirms that DataNumen SQL Recovery is a reliable and high-performing solution when it comes to severe data corruption.