The Jealous Bully

1. Art Class Assignment

During art class, Kade’s lackeys saw an opportunity to cause chaos and they encouraged him to ruin Oliver’s painting. As the teacher left the room momentarily, Kade’s lackeys whispered in his ear, suggesting he add unwanted brush strokes and splatters to Oliver’s meticulously crafted masterpiece. Kade, feeling empowered by the attention and validation from his friends, decided to go through with the act.

Oliver, deep in concentration on his painting, was taken aback when he felt someone tampering with his work. As he turned around, he saw Kade standing there with a smirk on his face and paint on his hands. The once serene art class turned into a battleground as Oliver demanded an explanation for the vandalism of his creation.

Emotions ran high as Kade’s lackeys snickered in the background, enjoying the chaos they had incited. The teacher returned to find the commotion and quickly intervened, separating Kade and Oliver before the situation escalated further. As the dust settled, Oliver was left to assess the damage to his painting while Kade faced the consequences of his actions.

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2. The Unexpected Request

As Oliver entered the art classroom, he was met with a different kind of challenge that day. The art teacher, Mrs. Thompson, approached him with a request that took him by surprise. She asked Oliver to paint people.

Oliver had always been more comfortable painting landscapes and animals. The idea of capturing the essence of human subjects on canvas was daunting. Yet, as he listened to Mrs. Thompson’s explanation, a spark of curiosity ignited within him.

Despite his initial reservations, Oliver decided to give it a try. He appreciated the teacher’s faith in his abilities and saw this as an opportunity to challenge himself in a new way.

With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, Oliver set out to gather his materials. The thought of portraying people’s emotions, expressions, and personalities through his artwork filled him with both dread and anticipation.

As he put brush to canvas, Oliver found himself engrossed in the process. The strokes of paint took on a life of their own as he worked to capture the nuances of the human form.

By the time Oliver finished his painting, he was amazed at what he had created. The unexpected request had pushed him out of his comfort zone and allowed him to discover a new aspect of his artistic talent. From that day on, Oliver approached his art with a renewed sense of passion and openness to new challenges.

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3. Jealousy Unleashed

Kade’s jealousy intensifies as Oliver decides to paint him in the portrait.

Kade’s initial surprise turned into a whirlwind of emotions as Oliver revealed his plan to paint him in the portrait. What started as a simple task had now become a source of jealousy for Kade. The idea of being the center of attention, of having all eyes on him, was both thrilling and terrifying.

As Oliver prepared his canvas and began to sketch the outline of Kade’s features, the jealousy inside Kade grew stronger. Thoughts of Oliver’s admiration for him, his focus solely on capturing Kade’s essence in the painting, consumed his mind. The realization that he was the subject of Oliver’s art brought a mix of emotions – pride, fear, and envy.

With each stroke of the brush, Kade’s jealousy intensified. The idea of being immortalized in a painting, of having his image forever preserved on canvas for all to see, both fascinated and repelled him. As the portrait took shape, Kade’s conflicting emotions reached a boiling point.

Jealousy unleashed, Kade struggled to contain his feelings as Oliver continued to work on the painting. The intensity of his emotions threatened to consume him, leaving him torn between the desire for recognition and the fear of exposure. Kade’s jealousy, once a mere spark, had now grown into a raging fire that threatened to consume everything in its path.

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