Хеликс Отломчикс

1. The Offer

Helix, an obscure engineer, is presented with a life-altering proposition from the Brotherhood of Justice. Without hesitation, he accepts the offer, bidding farewell to his former mentors at the Trumnye Waters cartel.

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2. A New Beginning

After facing numerous obstacles and challenges, Helix decides to take a leap of faith and start afresh on a new journey. He finds himself at a crossroads, torn between the perils of betrayal and the comforts of loyalty. Despite the risks involved, Helix chooses to align himself with the enigmatic Brotherhood of Justice, a move that reflects the wisdom and strategic thinking typical of a cunning goblin like himself.

As Helix immerses himself in the world of the Brotherhood, he quickly realizes that he must tread carefully, for trust is a rare commodity in this realm. The intricate web of alliances and rivalries among the members of the group presents a daunting challenge, but Helix remains undeterred. With his sharp wit and resourcefulness, he navigates the complexities of the Brotherhood, earning the respect of his peers and establishing himself as a valuable asset within the organization.

Each day brings new trials and tribulations for Helix, but he meets them head-on with unwavering determination. His decision to join the Brotherhood marks a pivotal moment in his life, setting him on a path rife with danger and intrigue. With every step he takes, Helix inches closer to uncovering the mysteries that shroud the Brotherhood and the true extent of its influence in the world.

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