The Transformation

1. Battle with Upper Ranks

Tanjiro and his friends face a fierce battle against the two upper six ranks demons, putting their lives in danger. As they engage in combat, the demons unleash unexpected transformations, catching the group off guard. The demons’ power and cunning tactics test Tanjiro and his friends to their limits, challenging their combat skills and teamwork.

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2. Mysterious Transformation Trigger

One night, under the full moon, Tanjiro finds himself in excruciating pain. As he writhes on the ground, his body undergoes an unexpected and mysterious transformation. The once calm and gentle Tanjiro is now overtaken by a force beyond his control.

The trigger for this sudden change lies in the combination of pain and stress that Tanjiro experiences during the full moon. It is as if the natural satellite’s glow has awakened a dormant power within him, causing a drastic shift in both his physical form and behavior.

During this transformation, Tanjiro’s senses sharpen, his strength multiplies, and an overwhelming urge to protect takes over. His eyes, now reflecting the moon’s light, emit an eerie glow that strikes fear into those who witness it.

As Tanjiro struggles to understand and control this newfound power, he realizes that his fate is intricately tied to the phases of the moon. The mystery of his transformation becomes a constant source of both fear and curiosity, driving him to seek answers and uncover the truth behind this enigmatic trigger.

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3. Encounter with Rengoku

Tanjiro enters a surreal subconscious realm where he comes face to face with Kyojuro Rengoku. The seasoned warrior exudes strength and wisdom, his fiery spirit illuminating the dark space. Tanjiro, bewildered by his supernatural changes, seeks answers and guidance from the stalwart flame Hashira.

Rengoku’s presence is a comforting beacon in the midst of Tanjiro’s confusion. With a gentle smile, he listens attentively to Tanjiro’s questions, offering sage advice and unwavering support. Through their heartfelt conversation, Tanjiro begins to understand the depth of his own inner power and the path he must walk as a demon slayer.

The encounter with Rengoku is not just a meeting of two individuals, but a merging of spirits connected by a shared purpose. As Rengoku imparts his knowledge and experience, Tanjiro’s resolve strengthens, and his inner fire burns brighter than ever before.

In this ethereal realm, time seems to stand still as Tanjiro and Rengoku delve into the mysteries of their intertwined destinies. Through their bond, Tanjiro gains clarity and reassurance, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead with newfound determination and courage.

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4. Awakening and Search for Zenitsu

After a deep sleep, Tanjiro wakes up to realize his werewolf transformation, embarking on a quest to find his friend Zenitsu.


Following a period of restful slumber, Tanjiro’s eyes flutter open to a startling revelation – he has undergone a transformation into a werewolf. As he grapples with this newfound reality, a sense of urgency washes over him, propelling him into action.

Search for Zenitsu

Fueled by determination and a deep-rooted bond with his friend Zenitsu, Tanjiro sets out on a daunting quest to locate his missing companion. With each step he takes, the weight of his mission grows heavier, but his resolve remains unwavering. Through adversities and challenges, Tanjiro pushes forward, guided by the hope of reuniting with Zenitsu once more.

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