The Saga of the Tree of Purity and Divinity

1. The Guardians of Sechania

Lumina, Ember, and Orion are the appointed protectors of the Eternal Grove, a mystical sanctuary home to a diverse array of creatures. These three Guardians have sworn an oath to safeguard the grove and its inhabitants against any potential threats that may arise from the outside world.

Lumina, with her ethereal light powers, serves as the beacon of hope and guidance for the residents of the Eternal Grove. Her presence brings warmth and comfort to all who seek her guidance, illuminating the path to safety and prosperity.

Ember, a fiery spirit with an unyielding determination, acts as the fierce protector of the grove, ready to defend it at all costs. Her flames can consume any foe that dares to threaten the peace of the Eternal Grove, serving as a constant reminder of the consequences of aggression.

Orion, the wise and enigmatic Guardian, possesses knowledge of the ancient ways and the secrets of the grove. His connection to nature allows him to sense impending danger and take swift action to prevent harm from befalling the inhabitants of the Eternal Grove.

Together, Lumina, Ember, and Orion form a formidable trio, each bringing their unique strengths and abilities to ensure the safety and prosperity of the Eternal Grove. Through their unwavering dedication and unity, the Guardians of Sechania stand as the resilient protectors of this sacred sanctuary.

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2. The Soul Elements

Explore the different soul elements that govern the Afterlife hierarchy and their significance in Sechania.

In Sechania, the Afterlife hierarchy is governed by various soul elements that determine the fate of individuals. These soul elements play a crucial role in determining the journey of souls beyond death.

The Five Soul Elements

There are five main soul elements that are considered essential in Sechania: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. Each element represents a different aspect of the soul and holds significance in the Afterlife hierarchy.


The Earth element symbolizes stability, strength, and grounding. Souls associated with this element are believed to be practical, resilient, and down-to-earth individuals. In the Afterlife hierarchy, Earth-aligned souls are often granted positions of leadership and authority.


Water represents fluidity, emotions, and intuition. Souls with a strong connection to the Water element are considered empathetic, sensitive, and adaptable. They are often placed in roles that require compassion and understanding in the Afterlife hierarchy.


Fire symbolizes passion, creativity, and drive. Souls influenced by the Fire element are known for their energy, ambition, and determination. In the Afterlife hierarchy, Fire-aligned souls excel in roles that require innovation and courage.


The Air element embodies intellect, communication, and curiosity. Souls guided by Air are intellectual, expressive, and inquisitive individuals. They often occupy positions that involve strategic thinking and problem-solving in the Afterlife hierarchy.


Lastly, the Spirit element represents transcendence, wisdom, and connection to the divine. Souls with a strong connection to Spirit are considered enlightened, spiritual, and in tune with higher realms. They hold esteemed positions in the Afterlife hierarchy as guides and mentors to other souls on their journey.

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3. The Creator of Sechania

Shenita Sanderson underwent a remarkable transformation into the human alicorn, a being with both human and unicorn qualities. Her journey was closely tied to the mystical Tree of Purity, which played a crucial role in her evolution.

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4. The Deities of Sechania

Within the realm of Sechania, two powerful entities hold sway over the fate of its inhabitants: Harmony Midnight Sparkle and Lord Damon Chaos. These deities are widely revered and feared for their immense powers and their intricate roles in governing the intricate balance of the world.

Harmony Midnight Sparkle is known for her gentle yet unwavering presence, bringing peace and tranquility to the lands of Sechania. Her touch is said to bring about harmony and serenity, calming even the most chaotic of storms with a mere whisper.

In contrast, Lord Damon Chaos is a force of raw power and unchecked ambition. His very presence stirs the winds of change, often inciting chaos and upheaval wherever he treads. Despite his unpredictable nature, many still bow to his might and seek his favor in times of need.

Together, Harmony Midnight Sparkle and Lord Damon Chaos form a delicate dance of light and shadow, order and chaos within Sechania. Their influence shapes the destinies of mortals and immortals alike, weaving a tapestry of fate that spans the very fabric of reality.

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