The Dragon’s Loyalty

1. Encounter with the Hunters

As Westly was wandering through the forest, he suddenly heard a faint cry for help. Following the sound, he came across Kuragi, a young girl being attacked by a group of hunters. Without hesitation, Westly leaped into action, confronting the hunters and managing to fend them off. However, in the midst of the struggle, he ended up getting injured, a deep gash on his arm from one of the hunter’s swords.

Kuragi, grateful for Westly’s help, tended to his wound as best as she could with the limited resources they had. Westly, despite the pain, did not regret stepping in to save her. The encounter with the hunters had brought them together, forging a bond between them that would shape their paths for the journey ahead.

Through this harrowing experience, Westly learned the importance of standing up against injustice and protecting those in need. And Kuragi, in turn, found a companion she could trust in the dangerous world they both inhabited. As they continued their journey together, they knew that their encounter with the hunters was just the beginning of the challenges they would face, but also the start of a partnership that would prove invaluable in the trials to come.

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2. Unbreakable Bond

After the perilous escape from the clutches of the dark sorcerer, Kurea and Magi find themselves indebted to Westly, the brave knight who had risked his life to save them. With gratitude and determination in their hearts, they pledge their loyalty to Westly, promising to stand by his side through thick and thin.

The bond forged between them is unbreakable, a testament to the strength of their friendship and the depths of their resolve. They swear to repay the favor bestowed upon them by Westly, no matter the challenges they may face. United by a shared purpose, Kurea and Magi set out on a new journey, bound by an unspoken promise to never abandon each other.

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3. The Journey Ahead

Westly and Kuragi embark on a journey together, facing challenges and strengthening their bond along the way.

The Start of the Journey

As Westly and Kuragi set out on their adventure, they are filled with excitement and determination. The road ahead is unknown, but they face it with courage and unity.

Challenges Along the Way

During their journey, Westly and Kuragi encounter various obstacles that test their skills and teamwork. Together, they overcome these challenges, learning and growing stronger with each passing day.

Strengthening Their Bond

Through shared experiences and hardships, Westly and Kuragi’s bond deepens. They rely on each other for support and encouragement, building a strong foundation of trust and friendship.

Unforeseen Adventures

As Westly and Kuragi continue their journey, they face unexpected twists and turns. These unforeseen adventures bring them closer together, reinforcing their partnership and resilience.

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