Four Women in Gold

1. The Argument

At the Shiva temple, four women adorned in matching golden attire engage in a heated debate. Each woman stands her ground in a perfect circle, claiming to possess the sole characteristic necessary to be crowned as naagrani: brown eyes.

Despite their identical appearance, the women fiercely defend their individuality, arguing that only those with brown eyes are fit to hold the prestigious title. The vibrant hues of their eyes reflect the determination and conviction with which they proclaim their claims.

The tension in the air is palpable as the debate escalates, each woman presenting her case with fervor and unwavering certainty. The golden glow of their attire shimmers in the sunlight, adding to the mystique of the scene unfolding at the sacred temple.

As the argument continues to unfold, it becomes clear that there is more at stake than just a title. The women’s voices rise and fall in a rhythmic cadence, echoing through the temple grounds and captivating all who witness the spectacle.

In this moment of conflict and assertion, the true essence of each woman is laid bare. Their insistence on the significance of brown eyes speaks to a deeper desire for recognition and validation, hinting at untold stories and motivations lurking beneath the surface.

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