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Error 2: General error. xxxxxxx.

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Error 2: General error. xxxxxxx.

Explanation: This error means during the recovery process, DataNumen Outlook Repair has encountered a general error, for a specific reason described in xxxxxxx. For example, "Error 2: General error. Out of memory." means DataNumen Outlook Repair runs out of memory when recovering your PST file.

Common Reasons and Solutions:

1.Reason: Your PST file is too large and the memory space in your system is insufficient for recovering it.

Sample Error Message: Error 2: General error. Out of memory.

Solution: The larger the PST file size is, the more memory space DataNumen Outlook Repair will consume. Therefore, when recovering very large PST files, you should make sure there is enough memory space in your system to prevent this error occurs. For a PST file larger than 1GB, your memory space should be at least 2GB. If you encounter such an error during the recovery process, then please just increase the memory of your system, or switch to another computer with more memory, and then re-start DataNumen Outlook Repair to repair the source PST file again.

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