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DataNumen DBF Repair

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Order Information

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Order Information

Why should I order the full version?

The demo version of DataNumen DBF Repair(DDBFR) will scan your DBF file, repair it and generate a thorough report containing all the recoverable records in the file so that you can know whether your file can be repaired successfully by DDBFR. However, the demo version will not generated the actually fixed file.

After you order the full version, it will generate the actually fixed file and has no limitations.

Moreover, by ordering the software, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support the software with updates and to develop additional quality software products in the future.

How much is it?

Please visit for detailed pricing information.

How to order the full version?

Just click the "Buy Now" logo on DDBFR's dialogbox or the "Buy Now" button in the "About" tab to access the order page.

Alternatively, you can also type the following URL at your browser's address line:

We accept all major credit cards, fax/phone orders, mail orders, and purchase orders.

What happens after I send in the order?

You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after sending the online order form. Then, within 15 minutes, you will receive a second email which contains a URL to the full version.

If you do not get your full version, or if you've lost it, please email us at Please include your name, address, email address, and order confirmation number (if you have it). We will be happy to help you.

What is your upgrade policy?

Please visit for detailed information about our upgrade policy.

What is your support and maintenance policy?

Please visit for detailed information about our support and maintenance policy.


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